Selling, Serving and Advertising Liquor


July 1980

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July 27, 2006
Appendix II revised on December 20, 2010
Appendix III revised on
October 19, 2009, July 6, 2010, September 30, 2010


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1. Purpose

This policy aims to promote the safety of the campus community, its members and the public; ensure that appropriate training and education are provided to those responsible for serving or providing liquor and educate members of the University community on the issues of law and liability related to using, serving and advertising liquor on campus.

The University recognizes the unique social needs of a campus community and strives to provide an environment where these needs can reasonably be met.  To advance those efforts, the University seeks to create an environment in which alcohol is used responsibly and in moderation, and to discourage abusive and destructive alcohol-related behaviour on campus.

Access to alcohol on campus is a privilege contingent on compliance with all statutory requirements and University policy.

2. Scope

This policy applies to the sale, service and advertising of liquor at all SFU campuses and in all University space as defined in Policy GP 36 (Use of University Space).

3. Definitions

"Liquor" is defined as in the Licensing Control and Licensing Act of British Columbia i.e.

  1. fermented, spirituous and malt liquors,
  2. combinations of liquors, and
  3. drinks and drinkable liquids that are intoxicating,

and includes beer, or a substance that, by being dissolved or diluted is capable of being made a drinkable liquid that is intoxicating and that is declared by order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council to be liquor.  The terms "alcoholic beverage," "alcohol" and "liquor" are used interchangeably in this policy.

"Responsible Officer" is the individual at each of SFU's campuses designated to authorize an application for a Special Occasion Licence.  Responsible Officers are listed in Appendix II.

4. Policy

4.1 General

All sales and service of liquor on campus are subject to compliance with the provisions of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act of British Columbia (the "Act") and the Liquor Control and Licensing Regulation (the "Regulation") thereunder, as the same may be amended from time to time.  Wherever conflict may arise between any policy, rules or regulations of the University and the Act and the Regulation, the Act and the Regulation shall prevail.


4.2 Special Occasion Licences

  1. Liquor may be sold and/or served on campus only in a location which is a "Licensed Establishment" as defined in the Act (other than an establishment licensed pursuant to a "Special Occasion Licence" ("SOL"), or in locations where a SOL has been authorized and issued in accordance with this Policy and the Act and the Regulation. The process for acquiring an SOL is set out in the document "Request To Hold An Event Where Alcohol Will Be Served," which is an Appendix to this Policy.


  2. All applications for an SOL must be reviewed in advance by the appropriate Responsible Officer (see Appendix II). Authorization to proceed to the BC Liquor Distribution Branch with an application for an SOL will be given only when the event meets the following conditions:


    1. the event or activity is a non-recurring special occasion of short duration (no longer than six hours);
    2. liquor consumption shall be modest and, where appropriate, served through a host bar;
    3. the event or activity will be held at a designated venue;
    4. the event or activity does not conflict with other University programmes or activities; and
    5. the primary purpose of the event or activity is to enhance the collegial interaction of faculty and students and/or professional interaction related to the University and/or to advance the University's goals for interaction with the community.
  1. University events for which an SOL is requested must be held under the aegis of a recognized University academic or administrative unit, a recognized employee group, the Simon Fraser Student Society, or the Graduate Student Society at SFU.  The Responsible Officer may in his or her absolute discretion authorize an application for an SOL for a non-University event if it is determined the event so warrants.


  2. The applicant for an SOL is responsible for collecting and remitting all taxes payable in respect of the liquor pursuant to the Social Services Tax Act (British Columbia).


  3. All events held under an SOL must be covered by adequate liability insurance to be determined by the Responsible Officer (or designate) in his or her absolute discretion.


  4. The Responsible Officer must advise the Director of Campus Security (or designate) of the terms and conditions and hours of operation for all SOL events.


  5. The Director of Campus Security (or designate) shall arrange for all SOL events to be inspected and shall report any violations of this policy or any rules or regulations of the University to the Responsible Officer for follow-up action.

4.3 Advertising

  1. All advertising by or on behalf of Licensed Establishments anywhere on campus must conform to the Act and Regulations and all applicable University policies, rules and regulations.


  2. The following restrictions apply to the advertising in non-licensed areas of events to be held in Licensed Establishments.


    1. Advertising of events must be responsible, in good taste, and will not promote alcohol as the focus of the event.


    2. Alternatives to alcohol will be offered and featured equally with liquor.


    3. Printed advertising for liquor will not be allowed.


    4. Brewery/distiller sponsorship of alcohol awareness and education is permitted as long as the University retains editorial control.


    5. Permanent signage reflecting brewery/distiller advertising is prohibited.


    6. Brewery/distiller sponsorship with respect to the announcement of events via posters, T-shirts, balloons, and other accessories related to the event is not permitted.


    7. Brewery/distiller sponsorship of activities such as "Player of the Game" is not allowed.


    8. The blatant promotion of alcohol as the focus of an event is prohibited. Terms such as "bash," "drunk," "kegger," "wipeout," etc., are not permitted. Mention of alcohol on such materials shall be restricted to the information that the event is licensed.


    9. Acceptable use of advertising of liquor within the Student Residences is set out in the "SFU Residence and Housing Policy on Alcohol Use and Function Responsibility." Wherever conflict may arise between the SFU Residence and Housing Policy on Alcohol Use and Function Responsibility and this Policy, this Policy shall prevail.


    10. Subject to section 4.3 (b)(xi), an advertisement or other promotion of an SOL event must not indicate that liquor will be sold or served.


    11. Where an SOL event is a "Public Special Occasion" (as defined in the Regulation) at which a number of manufacturers of wine, beer or other liquor are conducting tastings at one location, the event organizer may advertise the name of the event followed by the names of the participating liquor manufacturers.

5. Roles and Responsibilities

5.1 Reports of violations and subsequent actions generated under section 4.2(g) of this Policy must be submitted to the Director of Campus Security (or designate) for information, follow up and inclusion in the Director's annual report (see section 5.2).

5.2 Each August, the Director of Campus Security shall provide to the General Counsel a summary report of activity occurring under this Policy and any policy violations filed.

6. Authority

6.1 This Policy is administered under the authority of the Vice-President, Finance and Administration in consultation with the General Counsel.

Appendix I


Responsibility for authorizing an application for a Special Occasion Licence is delegated as noted below.


Burnaby Campus Director, Operations, Planning and Projects
Call 778-782-4170 for an appointment
Vancouver Campus - Harbour Centre Meeting, Event and Conference Services
Vancouver Campus - Centre for Dialogue Meeting, Event and Conference Services
Vancouver Campus - Segal Graduate School of Business Meeting, Event and Conference Services
Vancouver Campus - Goldcorp Centre for the Arts  Meeting, Event and Conference Services
Surrey Campus Executive Director, Surrey Campus

Appendix III

Request to hold an event where alcohol will be served form available here (PDF Format - 29 KB).