Faculty of Education

Studying education can prepare you to become a teacher in a traditional classroom setting or for a career working with children, youth and adults outside of the formal classroom setting.

Interested in teaching at the elementary level?

The Bachelor of Studies (BGS) in Education is a great pathway for students interested in pursuing teaching at the elementary level.
To get your teaching certificate, you will need to complete the BGS in Education followed by SFU’s Professional Development Program (our 16-month teacher education program). Students interested in this option should enrol in the pre-requisite courses listed by PDP Admissions.

Interested in teaching at the secondary level?

To teach at the secondary level, you will need to complete a one major or two minors in teachable subject areas as part of your bachelor’s degree. Visit PDP Admissions for more information on teachable subjects. Once completed, you can then apply to SFU’s Professional Development Program to get your teaching certificate.
The PDP is a competitive program with specific academic requirements. Please visit PDP Admissions for more information.