Support for international students

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  • opportunity to meet others
  • chance to learn and ask other others

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  • get one-on-one help
  • gain access to resources 

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  • enjoy and relax by doing crafts or hanging out with others
  • take a lunch brek and de-stress

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do international students need to apply for Medical Insurance? 

All qualified BC residents must apply for BC Medical Services Plan. View our medical insurance flowchart to see if you need to take action.

Does medical insurance cover me as long as I am a student? 

Your international medical insurance with is temporary and for your first term only. All qualified BC residents must apply for the BC Medical Services Plan. Ensure you have an adequate medical insurance coverage.

Visit SFU Medical Insurance website to learn more

Transition Case Manager

Studying in a new country has many challenges. Whether you're looking for assistance with managing school stress, finding housing, understanding documents, or understanding Canadian services, our Transition Case Manager, Ricky Tu, is available for one-to-one support.

The Transition Case Manager works on:

  • Providing students with support and referrals
  • Helping students reach their academic potential and maximize positive outcome

When connecting with students, the Transition Case Manager will listen to the student's case, offer support, connect the student with resources, and hope to facilitate positive solutions and outcomes. The Transition Case Manager will also explain that there are limitations to what can be done, so that expectations are reasonable.

Currently only available to students currently residing in BC.

How a Transition Case Manager can help you:

  • Find social and emotional supports
  • Connect with Health & Counselling resources
  • Learn about on and off-campus services


"I learned how to improve my talking skills, how to communicate, and do a presentation since it is difficult for an international student."

"The Transition Case Manager recomended me to different resources on campus which helped me build a better mental health and learning condition."

"Ricky really helped me during my tough times at SFU. He is the most generous one."

"Ricky is a great listener with great energy and applicable strategies."

What can I talk about with my Transition Case Manager?

The Transition Case Manager is here to support students from international pathways (both undergraduate and graduate) and their transition into and out of SFU. Transition can mean many things and anything as students can face an array of challenges while at SFU. Some of the areas the Transition Case Manager can support students in are:

  • Family dynamics/family pressures
  • Mental health
  • Intercultural communication
  • Social and recreational supports and activities
  • Financial pressures
  • Understanding medical systems and services
  • Canadian labour market information
  • Transition to academic life at SFU

Booking with a Transition Case Manager

The Transition Case Manager’s physical office is located on the Burnaby campus, but the service is accessible and available to any SFU student on any campus.

*Due to COVID-19 – all appointments are virtual at this time and students can decide if they want a telephone call or a video call.

Currently only available to students currently residing in BC.



9:30 am -  12:30 pm
1:30 pm -  4:30 pm