Medical Services

Medical services are available to all SFU students. Health & Counselling operates two medical clinics located on the Burnaby and Vancouver campuses with services in-person or by phone/virtual for all students.

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Doctors & Nurses

Make an appointment to discuss:

  • New symptoms or issues
  • Vaccines and travel 
  • Sexual health 
  • Prescription renewals, changes, and management
  • Follow-ups for pre-existing or chronic conditions
  • Seeking a medical referral to a physician specialist
  • Mental health and well-being support and referrals
  • Gender-affirming care

Note: Same-day access is limited. We do experience medical appointment wait times. Appointments can be made for in-person, or by phone/virtually. For alternative medical clinics close to your location, please visit:

Did you know
  • BC is transitioning from cytology (Pap test) to HPV testing. Learn more
  • If you are in BC, you can speak to a nurse 24/7 by calling 811.
  • BC Pharmacists are also available for a number of services. Learn more

Can you see a nurse?

stethoscope Nurses are available for a variety of concerns. View


Sick Notes / Academic Concessions

If an instructor requires documentation supporting a concession for a minor short-term illness (typically 1–5 days), students should use the new self-declaration form as SFU will not be requiring medical notes for minor absences during this period. Should students need to be absent for a longer period of time, they should expect to need to obtain additional medical documentation. While a note may not be required, students are still encouraged to connect with their care providers or reach out to Health & Counselling Services for care and consultation if they need it.

If you have questions about this process or policy, or are experiencing conflicting information from a class, please connect with the Office of Student Support, Rights, and Responsibilities for support.

New to BC or Canada?

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Insurance & Confidentiality Info

Insurance and Fees

All SFU students are required to have medical insurance from the BC Medical Services Plan (BC MSP). This plan will cover the basic medical services you receive at SFU clinics.

For instructions on how to apply for BC MSP, and information on International Student coverage, please see SFU's Medical Insurance page. 


Health & Counselling (HCS) shares one unit of confidentiality. This means that divisions of HCS may share your information when necessary for your care.

All records within HCS are confidential. Personal information can only be released outside the centre with your written consent. Exceptions are only made in the case of life-threatening emergencies or as required by law and/or public health regulations.

Collection of Information

When you use any service with Health & Counselling, our staff must collect some of your personal information. We may also need to collect information from other health care providers, friends, or family in order to provide comprehensive care or service.

When we collect this information, we will advise you. Only in exceptional circumstances can we collect information about you from other people without your consent. We are authorized to collect this information under the Protection of Privacy Act, the Medicare Protection Act, Medical Practitioner's Act, and Health Professionals Act.

Your information may be used for your present and future care or service, continuity of treatment, quality of care and service review, and teaching, education, and research.