Download My SSP

My SSP provides SFU students access to free 24/7 counselling and mental health support reachable from anywhere around the world either by phone or through the downloadable app.

Bouncing Forward Online Course

Take this free, non-credit Canvas course to learn strategies to build your resilience, how to identify and access resources, and how to improve your well-being.

Apps & Recordings

SFU Health & Counselling Services' media library offers free audio/video recordings of guided meditation, relaxation, yoga.

Faculty & Staff Resources

Find resources to help you cultivate a nurturing learning environment, support student well-being, or work towards building a healthy campus community.


Make SPACE for Well-being

Maintain your overall well-being using the easy-to-remember SPACE acronym. SPACE outlines five evidence-based areas of positive mental health.

Wellness Wheel

Use the wellness wheel and learn how to maintain a balance between the many different aspects of your life.

Drugs & Alcohol

Learn more about how substance use impacts your body and know how to spot signs of an overdose.