Program Requirements

Open to all students from all faculties who complete the pre-requisites, the Tech e@sfu program is a four semester program where students from across faculties bring their diverse skills and passions together toward a common, meaningful goal: a solution-driven product and venture that address a challenge that is meaningful to them (it's up to you!).  Previous teams have worked on everything from stand-alone energy, health devices, solutions for healthy aging, technology for education and more!

Program Phases

Phase 1 (Fall 2018 & Spring 2019): Application (first come, first served while spots last. We're looking for entrepreneneurial ambition and curiosity, not neccessarily high GPAs...within reason)

Phase 2 (Summer 2019 & Fall 2019): Setting yourself up for success (events, no classes yet)

  • Ensure all prerequisites are met
  • Take "cross over" course (learning to speak each other's language): Bus238 Intro to E&I (MSE students)/MSE111 MSE for non-engineers (non-MSE). 
  • Team, Skill and Community building events (3-4, evenings or weekends) plus optional field trips and external events
  • Students self-organize into Teams

Phase 3 (Spring and Summer 2020): Courses - Build your plan, build your solution, build your own experience

  • Spring 2020 BUS and I&E Certificate students take BUS 477 Startup Experience and BUS 404*(1) Tech Entrepreneurship I 
  • Spring 2020 MSE students take MSE 410 Capstone I and MSE 403 Tech Entrepreneurship I*
  • Summer 2020 BUS and I&E Certificate Students take 406 Startup Accelerator and BUS 405* Tech Entrepreneurship II*
  • Summer 2020 MSE students take MSE 411 Capstone II and MSE 404 Tech Entrepreneurship II*

*Please note these are 1 credit "glue" courses where all students come together once a week with the teaching team for additional experts, coaching mentorship and access to funding.

Most of these credits also count toward the Charles Chang Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

What happens after Phase 3? Totally up to you!  There are opportunities to get paid to work on your own ventures through entrepreneurship co-op (eCoop). move on to incubation, graduate, get employed by an amazing innovative organization, you're ready for anything!