Program Requirements

Open to all students from all faculties who complete the pre-requisites, the Tech e@sfu program is a four semester program that requires students to build strong innovative foundations and team working skills in order to execute a common, meaningful goal: a successful, market and solution-driven product and venture. The first two semesters (Summer and Fall) of the program comprises networking, socializing, mentoring and building team-working skills, as well as concept generation. The second two terms are about working in cross disciplinary teams to produce market and solution-driven prototypes and a business plan and pitch for significant funds to take their innovations to market. Required courses and activities are below:

If your team wants to take your venture forward after the program is complete, there is also the opportunity to compete for a spot in paid entrepreneurship co-op (eCoop).

Required Courses

Each student is required to take a course in the other discipline to learn some of the lanuage and skills of their future team mates: BUS 238 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation for MSE students, as a breadth credit, and MSE 111 Mechatronics Design for Non-Engineers for BUS students, both in the summer term of 2015.

The students then take their respective capstones, along with two additional one-credit course per semester.