The Entrepreneurial Mindset

"Entrepreneurial mindset creates personal resilience, self-efficacy and allows us to reimagine challenges as opportunities for a better future"
Dr. Sarah Lubik, Executive Director, Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship

What is the Entrepreneurial Mindset?

A way of perceiving yourself and the world that allows you to access your strengths, build your dreams and navigate your future. Want to make an impact? Become more hireable? Start an organization? It all starts with here.

Resourcefulness Harnessing your own unique abilites and what you have on hand
Collaboration Respect, value and proactively seeking out team mates with diverse ideas, skill and experiences.
Tolerance of Ambiguity Confidence in the face of unknown.
Growth Mindset Confidence in your ability to learn and improve
Work Ethic Commitment to deliver
Personal Agency Confidence in your own abilites to make things happen
Resilience Agility to recalibrate and overcome
Ownership Responsibility for your own actions and outcomes
Imagination & Creativity Being able to form new ideas and concepts
Empathy Recognize needs of end users, custmers and communities
Curiosity Seeking to know more
Opportunity Recognition Seeing opportunities to create value

Unleash the mindset within.

Not all superheroes wear capes and not all entrepreneurs start companies. The Chang Institute challenges the number ventures started as a stand alone success metric for entrepreneurship. You decide what success looks like, and we will help you get there. After all, you’re the hero, we’re just offering capes. Not sure where to start? You’re not alone. You can be innovator, an entrepreneur, a changemaker or all of the above. Learn more below.

Someone who introduces new products, ideas, science and technologies.

Someone who creates models to drive sustainable economic and social value through innovation.

Someone who is taking creative action to solve a social problem. They apply empathy, thoughtfulness, creativity, and take action and collaborative leadership.

See the Entrepreneurial Mindset in action
Community Stories

Jordan Chan

4th Year Business Major

"The main thing is that there's a lot of connectivity in entrepreneurship classes I've taken with my business. The typical business model gets mentioned every semester multiple times. What I think is beneficial is the overlapping of information that they have within each class to my actual business. "

Community Stories

Nabil Shalabi

Nanotechnology For Early Disease Diagnosis (Ubc, Cornell, Mcgill)

“Before I joined the program, I really thought that I didn’t need business training, that business is foreign and if I ever need it, I’ll just team up with someone who understands it. But business training actually improves the engineering and the research. My focus has changed, the way I talk about and work with the technology. Even changes in the technical aspect have occurred after learning some of the business aspects. As for the i2I program itself, it gives a new understanding of value and purpose for science beyond publication. It is well-catered to science-based problems that are not straight forward to commercialize. Everybody should have some sort of business training and i2I is the place to be.”

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