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SFU Innovates

SFU Innovates supports the university’s vision as Canada’s engaged university by building on its dynamic culture and strengthening our position as Canada’s academic leader in innovation.

Their 4 Pillars


Social Innovation

Incubation and Acceleration

Industry and Community Research Partnerships

At the Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship and Coast Capital Venture Connection, these are a few of the SFU Innovates partners we work with most!


Support for social ventures, capacity building, social innovation lab expertise, a community of like-minded peers, and more.

They believe an economy that works for everyone is one that is just, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable. To enact social change, they nurture radical ideas into useful solutions. Along the way, they learn by doing and equip aspiring changemakers to drive economic transformation.

They are RADIUS. They help people create interventions to stuck problems and support leaders in service of systems change.

Venture Labs

SFU VentureLabs accelerates science and technology-based new ventures.

They help companies who’ve found their product-market fit become profitable, sustainable businesses—supporting them with the programs, mentoring, and services companies need most when they need them most.

Technology Licensing Office

SFU’s Technology Licensing Office (TLO) supports the university’s innovation strategy, SFU Innovates. The TLO provides services and support for intellectual property (IP) protection and technology licensing. As the TLO team consults with SFU stakeholders in the coming months, further details will be added here.

  1. Seminars for faculty, graduate students, and university researchers in strategic management of IP. 
  2. Advice and due diligence on IP protection for faculty, staff, and student inventions. 
  3. Advice on the allocation of SFU resources to file and manage IP protection. 
  4. Promoting the SFU portfolio of patents to the industry. 
  5. Facilitating matchmaking between SFU researchers and potential entrepreneurial co-founders, licensees, mentors, educational programs, and accelerators.