BUS 238 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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BUS 238 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3)

In this transformative class, students learn to break out of their comfort zones, work in interdisciplinary teams and work on projects that are important to them and their community. Students learn about the foundations of entrepreneurship and innovation – a valuable skill set whether you want to create your own business or to make yourself more employable.

Students will build collaborative and creative skills necessary to become effective innovators through hands-on application via interdisciplinary teamwork. Entrepreneurship and innovation of all types will be addressed including social, commercial, creative, sustainable, and technological perspectives.

No matter what faculty you’re coming from, BUS 238 offers a unique degree experience and teaches you the important principles of the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

An amazing class which helped me build my personal and teamwork skills. All the skills and knowledge I’ve learned from this class will not only help in the entrepreneur path, but can also apply to others professions and aspects of life.

3rd Year, Beedie Student


We’ve heard from our students that BUS 238 has some of the best professors at SFU! No matter who is teaching your class, they’re dedicated, friendly and there to help ensure you succeed!

Here are the profs teaching Spring 2023!

Katty Wang
Learn more about Katty here!

Katty is a seasoned professional with knowledge and experience in civil engineering, organizational psychology, and entrepreneurship. After obtaining her professional designation as a professional engineer, Katty co-founded a technology startup and oversaw its operations, marketing, and sales initiatives, applying the problem-solving skills she has acquired while working as an engineer. The combination of being an entrepreneur and learning about intrinsic human motivation as a part of her psychology studies reinforced her passion for helping other entrepreneurs, including the inspired ones in high school and universities, to embrace their individuality and maximize their potentials. At YELL Canada, her responsibility as National Director of Operations is to introduce entrepreneurial mindsets to as many Canadian high school students as possible. In her spare time, Katty is actively speaking and mentoring aspired entrepreneurs, hoping that her experience would shed light on how to establish a future as an entrepreneur.

Jonas Altman
Learn more about Jonas here!

Jonas is an experienced design strategist and entrepreneur. As Managing Partner at Social Fabric, an award-winning marketing consultancy, he helps organisations launch new ventures and adopt remarkable ways of communicating. With over 20 years of working within the creative sector, Jonas has partnered with clients including Sony Music, BBC, Tate Modern and Google. Jonas launched the first accelerator programme in London dedicated exclusively to the lifestyle industries and has enabled countless early stage businesses to secure investment and grow. He is a startup advisor, conference speaker and regular contributor to The Huffington Post and The Guardian.

Here are some past professors!

Simon Ford

One of my biggest mentors at SFU is professor Simon Ford. He was one of the first professors who taught me about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the first prof I told about GameSeta. He continues to move mountains for students at SFU.

GameSeta, Alumni VC Start-up Team

Learn more about Simon here!

Kate Dilworth

Amazing and life changing class due to Kate Dilworth. BUS238 is a great course to inspire you, whether you are trying to get into entrepreneurship or not.

4th Year, BUS Student

Learn more about Kate here!

Joanna Buczkowska

BUS 238 was my first introduction to entrepreneurship. I came in as an engineering student and realized that, wow, there’s this whole other world where I can develop things people need and use.

Alumni, Applied Sciences Student

Learn more about Joanna here!

Projects & Beyond

Upon completion of the course, students often continue forth with their projects, but there are many paths students can take.

You can check out this past year’s Opportunity Fest, where a large chunk of BUS 238 students competed in our pitch competition, taking away cash prizes for their in-class projects.

Some students continue on the entrepreneurial path and enroll for the Certificate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship – interested in taking more hands-on courses like BUS 238 to complete their breadth and upper elective requirements.

Other students may choose to explore the extracurricular opportunities post-course, such as SFU’s internal business incubator – Coast Capital Venture Connection.


This course was very eye-opening to me in how a start-up would occur, and my leadership skills. I also got to practice my writing skills by writing business reports and connect to industry professionals. Overall, it was a teaser into the life of an entrepreneur.

3rd Year, Applied Sciences Student

It was an amazing hands-on experience that taught me a lot! The group work was amazing because it was a lot more interesting than other classes that are more study based.

1st Year, Beedie Student

Super interactive with a friendly open atmosphere and an engaging curriculum headed by a top quality professor.

4th Year, Arts and Social Sciences Student

Course Details

To find out what semester, date, time, and who’s teaching BUS 338, check out the SFU course outlines here.

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