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Charles Chang Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Applications Open

Undergraduates! Fulfill your major and minor breadth requirements while earning a certificate.

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Community Stories

Rachel Chase

TechE - Founder @ Zennea Technology

“The team experience is incredible. Everyone brings a passion for the project and a drive to achieve grades keeps everyone motivated.” “There are lots of grants to hire people to grow your team” “You develop soft skills, learn how to work together. You learn each other’s styles and how to communicate.”

Community Stories

Matthew Dahabieh

Director, R&D Biology At Terramera

"I became the Chief Scientific officer for my company, Renaissance, now I’m very much in the business leadership part of the company driving the business growth of what we do. I2I is an opportunity to learn business and entrepreneurship fundamentals in an approachable format with a diverse network of innovators. Fundamentals include learning how science-based technology fits into a market. When you learn these fundamentals, you can be at the forefront of development. You get to work on different technology with people with diverse backgrounds so you learn a lot from interacting with innovators with different points of view."

Community Stories

Dedarul Chisty

Communications and Entrepreneurship Student

"I learned from some amazing professors, and even got to meet and work with some amazing group members, who have now become my closest friends. This Certificate will always hold a higher precedence for me than my Major"