Andreu Arinyo i Prats

Postdoctoral Fellow; Mark Collard

Areas of interest

Cultural loss, cultural evolution, complex systems, dynamical systems, perturbations, shocks, extreme events, statistics, Bayesian methods, information theory, cosmology, history, anthropology, ethnography.


  • BA, Physics
  • MA, Astrophysics
  • PhD, Cosmology


I seek the understanding of our world and how that knowledge will evolve with time. To that endeavour, I pursued studies and research in physics, theoretical physics, astrophysics, and cosmology. To contextualize that formation, I set about travelling the world, exposing myself to different cultural systems. That experience highlighted the precarious state of most world cultures with the exposure to rapid change and shocks in the following decades. To bridge that realization with my previous studies, I shifted to complex systems, with research in dynamical systems and information theory. In parallel, I prepared a project to model and characterize the susceptivity to cultural loss in the context of shocks. This project has been awarded a Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions grant to pursue that research for 3 years.


My research involves a wide variety of topics spanning neurophysics, cosmology, dynamical systems, cultural systems, information theory and the preservation of knowledge. What underlines all this diversity of areas is the pursuit of the creation, evolution, destruction and endurance of information and knowledge over time.

Now I focus on modeling different cultural systems that have experienced shocks, catastrophes, extreme events, perturbations, and stress in general. With this modeling and comparison to empirical cases of destruction and resilience, I aim to characterize the loss of culture under shocks, better informing us what made the current cultural systems survive, or experience loss, and what could be of benefit, or not, in the future when other shocks affect cultural systems. All of this is bounded by the use of simulations and Bayesian statistics, which allows both to approach complex topics and refine the modeling of these to provide useful and functional outcomes. 

Other Activities

In my spare time, I love reading, talking and writing about the state of our present world and how it came to be. Moreover, I like travelling, cycling, cooking, hiking, kayaking, climbing and ever struggling with learning music and languages!


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