4th Annual C2D2 Symposium – 3rd May 2021

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Evaluation of presentations:

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13.00h Welcome  Drs. Esther Verheyen & Damon Poburko

13:05h SFU Resources – Dr. Michael Silverman


13:20h -14:05 Talk session 1 – Session Chair: Ananya Sridhar

(L) Long talks: 12 minutes plus 3 mins for questions

(S) Short talks: 3 minutes plus 1 minute for questions

Speaker                                            Lab                                                                            

1. (L) Dr. Dave Clarke                     Clarke lab, BPK

Title: Electrical stimulation of cultured myotubes as a means for investigating AMPK signaling dynamics in exercising skeletal muscle

2. (S) Dr. Diana Hunter                   Claydon lab, BPK

Title: Gene-editing in induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes to study the effect of hERG ion channel variants

3. (S) Homa Hamledari                   Tibbit lab, BPK                    

Title: Mechanisms of hiPSC-CM in vitro maturation: Role of the mTOR Pathway

4. (L) Andrew Keefe                    Silverman lab, Biology

Title: Characterizing Lysosomal Transport in GBA-inhibited iPSC Derived Neurons (12 min)

5. (S) Matthew Danesh                       Silverman lab, Biology       

Title: The Effect of Microgravity on the Neuronal Cytoskeleton and Intracellular Trafficking


14:05h break (10min) -


14:15h – 15:00h Talk session 2 – Session Chair: Kevin Rey

6. (L) Stephen Kinsey                     Verheyen lab, MBB

Title: Using Drosophila to study the functions of human HIPKs in development

7. (S) Katja MacCharles                 Verheyen lab, MBB

Title: Characterizing Robinow Syndrome-associated DVL1 mutations in Drosophila

8. (L) Dane Marijan                         Audas lab, MBB

Title: Intrinsic Protein Structural Elements Control Physiological Amyloid Aggregation

9. (S) Ryan Riley                             Gregg Morin & Ryan Morin labs, UBC & MBB

Title: Synthetic peptides prioritization for mass spectrometry applications

10. (S) Siobhan Ennis                     Niikura lab, FHS

Title: Virus inactivation driven by visible light on non-woven fabric


15:00h break (10min) -


15:10h – 15:50h Talk session 3 – Session Chair: Diana Hunter

11. (L) Maryam Ghashghaei         Vu lab, MBB

Title: The role of CNOT3 and mRNA deadenylation in acute myeloid leukemia

12. (S) Haya Shaalan                     Vu lab, MBB

Title: Investigating the role of DDX6 in AML cell lines

13. (S) Maddisen Brown                 Mills lab, Trinity Western University

Title: The ILK Interactome: A Therapeutic Target at Cancer Centrosomes

14. (L) Mahdi Asgharpour              Larijani lab, MBB

Title: Exploring the effects of AID/APOBEC3 genome-mutating enzymes on immune recognition of breast cancer cells


15:50h Conclusion

15:55h break (10min)

16:05h Social (with announcement of talk prize winners) → →

Organizing Committee

Diana Hunter, Nils Lambacher, Ananya Sridhar, Kevin Rey, Esther Verheyen and Damon Poburko