Who we are


Esther Verheyen (MBB) | Website | epithelial cell communication, signaling pathways, cancer, endocytosis, cytoskeletal regulation

Damon Poburko (BPK) | Website | cellular neuroscience, mitochondrial physiology, smooth muscle contraction, vasomotor regulation


Tim Audas (MBB) | Website | Long noncoding RNAs, stress responses, oncogenes

Christopher Beh (MBB) | Website | lipid signaling and transport within cells, cell polarization, intracellular trafficking and disease

Timothy Beishlag (FHS) | Website | response to environmental stimuli, anoxia, contaminants

Sheryl Bisgrove (BISC) | Website | cell and developmental biology in plants and algae, cytoskeleton, control of growth and development in response to environmental cues

Lorena Braid (MBB) | Website coming soon! | corporate website | Mesenchymal stem and stromal cells (MSCs), cell therapy, regenerative medicine, senotherapy, immunity, auto-immune disease, aging

Jonathan Choy (MBB) | Website | Immune system, T cells, cytokines, nitric oxide, nitric oxide synthases, cell death, transplantation, arterial disease

Julian Christians (BISC) | Website |placental and bone physiology, IGF signalling, IGF binding proteins

David Clarke (BPK)  | Website | quantitative exercise biology, cellular adaptations to exercise-related stressors

Tom Claydon (BPK) | Website |cardiac potassium ion channels, fluorescence-based electrophysiology

Nancy Forde (PHYS) | Website |collagen mechanics and homeostasis; osteoarthritis and other connective tissue diseases

Sharon Gorski (MBB) | Website |autophagy, apoptosis, cell stress, cancer, treatment resistance, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer

Julian Guttman (BISC) | Website | host-pathogen interactions, bacteria, epithelial cells, cytoskeleton, endocytosis, bioterrorism, enteric infections

Nick Harden (MBB) | Website |epithelial development, synaptic plasticity, signal transduction, developmental biology, wound healing, neurodegenerative disease

Nancy Hawkins (MBB) | Website | Wnt signaling, dishevelled, asymmetric cell division, hcf-1C. elegans

Harald Hutter (BISC) | Website | nervous system development, neuronal circuit formation, axon pathfinding

Valentin Jaumouillé (MBB) | Website |Innate immunity, Mechanobiology, Cytoskeleton dynamics, Cancer immunology, Host-pathogen interactions

Lisa Julian (BISC) | Website | Stem cell and developmental biology, cellular neuroscience, human pluripotent stem cell models, rare disease

Charles Krieger (BPK) | Website |Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, synapse, neurons, protein kinases, adducin, neurodegenerative disease, Drosophila

Mani Larijani (MBB) | Website | 5-dimensional research into genome-mutating processes: mechanisms, structures, evolution, immunity and cancer

Amy Lee (MBB) | Website |Neonatal immune development, neonatal sepsis, antimicrobial resistance, bacterial genomics and multi-omics integration.

Frank Lee (FHS) | Website | Dopamine signalling, protein-protein interactions

Michel Leroux (MBB) | Website | Cilia, disease, sensory biology, signalling, development, cytoskeleton, motors, trafficking, genetics, genomics

Carl Lowenberger (BISC) | Website |Host-parasite interactions, RNAi, apoptosis, innate immunity, Dengue, antimicrobial peptides

Gregg Morin (MBB adjunct; UBC; BC Cancer Agency) | Website | RNA processing in cancer, proteomics

Masahiro Niikura (FHS) | Website | Viruses-host interactions, Marek’s disease virus, immunity

Ed Park (MSE) | Website | Biomechatronics, biorobotics, biomedical engineering

Zamir Punja (BISC) | Website |Plant-fungal pathogen interactions, cell and molecular aspects of disease development in plants infected by microbes, fungal development processes

Lynne Quarmby (MBB) | Website | Cilia, cell cycle, cytoskeleton, genetics, calcium signalling

Gordon Rintoul (BISC) | Website | Neurodegeneration, mitochondrial dynamics, intracellular calcium homeostasis, reactive oxygen species, optic neuropathies, fluorescence microscopy

Peter Ruben (BPK) | Website |Voltage-gated sodium channels, Structure/function, Pathophysiology, Channelopathies, Cardiac arrhythmias, Epilepsy, Electrophysiology

Michael Silverman (BISC) | Website | Microtubule-based, organelle transport, neuronal development, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s disease

David Sivak (PHYS) | Website | Using statistical physics, molecular biophysics, and information theory to elucidate the physical limits placed on biological systems

Bingyun Sun (CHEM) | Website | Proteomics, cell surface proteins, embryonic stem cells, N-glycosylation, biomarkers, methodology development for sensitive proteomics

Glen Tibbits (BPK) | Website | Cardiac excitation-contraction coupling, inherited cardiac arrhythmias, congenital heart disease and cardiomyopathies

Ian Tietjen (FHS) |  Website | Viral pathogenesis, antiviral discovery, HIV latency, flaviviruses

Peter Unrau (MBB) | Website |Ribozymes, evolution, RNA world

Amandio Vieira (BPK) |Nutrition and metabolism; nutrient carrier proteins; endocytic transport of nutrients; cellular redox balance and oxidative stress; amyloidogenic diseases; epigenetics

David Vocadlo (MBB, CHEM) | Website | Chemical biology; glycobiology; neurodegenerative diseases; imaging probes; protein stability; metabolic engineering; enzyme inhibitors