C2D2 Infrastructure

Members of C2D2 have access to essential, core research facilities which facilitate the analysis of cells. These include cell culture and high-content screening, animal care, imaging (confocal, TEM, SEM), proteomics, deep-sequencing and bioinformatics, and genomics.

C2D2 members! Please contact Damon or Esther if you have additional specialty equipment that you would like to have listed on this page!!


MBB Imaging Facility

The MBB imaging facility offers three confocal microscope systems for imaging fixed and live samples, and post-imaging analysis.

  • Zeiss AiryScan
  • Zeiss Axio Observer (inverted) with WaveFX spinning disc confocal system  
  • Nikon A1R laser scanning confocal (inverted)

Contact and Facility information: Tim Heslip | website

Multi-day live imaging:

  • An Incucyte imaging system is available in the Braid/Julian lab. 
  • An Etaluma LS620 in a hypoxic workstation is availab in the Clarke Lab. 

High content Screening

  • See the info at right for the Centre for High Throughput Chemical Biology
  • A fully automated Nikon TiE (epifluorescence) is available in Dr. Poburko's lab. This system is equipped for programmable perfusion, field stimulation and multi-well plate imaging. 

Centre for High Throughput Chemical Biology

The Centre for High Throughput Chemical Biology is a cutting-edge facility unique in western Canada providing researchers access to a fully automated liquid handling robotics suite capable of a broad range of small molecule screening techniques including the latest image-based screening methods.

Cell culture & FACS

Facilities for the culturing, manipulation and analysis of mammalian cell cultures is available in several departments. 

Book the FACS Aria at

Animal care services



The Animal Care Services facility is available for researchers at SFU. Please see the website for contact information, guidelines and policies.


The Bingyun Sun lab supports C2D2 memebers with facilities to analyze low-abundance proteins and post-translational modifications. Equipment includes a nanoUHPLC coupled with the latest Fourier transform Q-E HF orbitrap mass spectrometry (Thermo) that can perform discovery and targeted proteomic analyses at femomole sensitivity with sub ppm accuracy and extremely high reproducibility. The facility specialises in developing proteomics strategies and annotating and analyzing pathways and protein interaction networks.


Illumina Miseq and real-time PCR equipment is available for deep-sequencing, transcriptome analyses, etc. To book, please visit the following website. In addition, two Bio-Rad QX200 digital PCR systems are operating on campus. 

Contact and Facility information: Tim Heslip | website

Metabolic Profiling & Environmental Control

Seahorse Xfe96 - Please contact Dr. Lisa Julian if you are interested in using this device

Hypoxic Work stations - Please contact Drs. Dave Clarke or Tim Audas if you are interested in accessing their hypoxic workstations. 

Additive manufacturing

C2D2 members have access to a range of on-campus filament, resin and powder additive manufacturing options.

MCPG - Filament printer 
Physics - Filament and Resin printers
Document Solutions - Filament, resin and powder printers
SFU LIbray Maker Commons - Ultimaker 3 FDM

Machine, Elecontronics & Glass Shop

SFU's Science Technical Centre support out cutting edge research with professionaly staffed shop services with the capacity to conduct rapid turn around repairs and fabrication of custom equipment.