5th Annual C2D2 Symposium – 28th April 2022

SFU Big Data Hub, Presentation Studio (ASB10900*), 12:30 - 4:40 PM

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12:30 pm Welcome – Dr. Esther Verheyen and Dr. Damon Poburko

Thanks to our sponsors:

12:35 pm Talk Session 1: Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells

Amelinda Firdauzy (short talk) Julian Lab, BISC

A neuron and stem cell co-culture approach to produce a novel human cell model of epileptic brain tissue

(Withdrawn) Anthony Piccolo (short talk) Braid Lab, MBB

Characterizing phenotypes of zombified mesenchymal stromal cells

Haider Bilal (short talk) Braid Lab, MBB

Validating Human Mesenchymal Stem and Stromal Cell Identity Markers

George Allen (short talk) Julian Lab, BISC

Investigating the Role of Lysosome Biogenesis in Neural Stem Cell Identity

Shama Nazir (long talk) Julian Lab, BISC

Impact of the Unfolded Protein Response in Neural Precursor Cell Development

Roger Linnington (long talk) Centre for High-Throughput Chemical Biology


1:15 pm 5-minute break


1:20 pm Talk Session 2: Cardiovascular Biology

Mohamed Fouda (long talk) Ruben Lab, BPK

Anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol against lipopolysaccharides in cardiac sodium channels

Farah Jayousi (short talk via Zoom) Tibbits Lab, MBB/BPK

Proteome Profiling for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy-Troponin T Mutations

Javairia Rahim (short talk) Choy Lab, MBB

Reparative modification of the endothelial glycocalyx using novel cell surface engineering for prevention of organ transplant rejection

Khola Bilal (long talk) Tibbits Lab, MBB/BPK

A Novel Cardiomyopathic Variant: Cardiac Troponin C (TNNC1) V44M


2:15 pm Refreshment break


2:35 pm Talk Session 3: Cell Biology

Evgenia A. Momchilova (short talk) Audas Lab, MBB

Hsp Chaperones Act As Regulators Of A-body Formation

Franklin F. Tam (long talk) Choy Lab, MBB

Mechanisms controlling cytokine-mediated induction of HIF-1ɑ 

Stephanie Rayner (short talk) Poburko Lab, BPK

Intracellular localisation of VNUT

Shaianne N. Stein (short talk) Braid Lab, MBB

Characterizing the role of Cathepsin S in Mesenchymal stromal cell function

Claudia Umaña (short talk) Lowenberger Lab, BISC

Editing Mosquito Genes


3:15 pm 5-minute break


3:20 pm Talk Session 4: Modelling Disease

Ravichandra Venkateshappa (long talk) Claydon Lab, BPK

A novel targeted approach to protect against arrhythmia in Long QT Syndrome

Kady Tishyadhigama (short talk) Beischlag Lab, FHS

Mutations in TP53/RB1 could accelerate triple-negative breast cancer metastasis

Keenan Elliott (short talk) Lowenberger Lab, BISC

Metabolic profiling of dengue virus challenged Aedes aegpyti that are refractory to virus. 

Katja MacCharles (long talk) Verheyen Lab, MBB 

Characterizing Robinow Syndrome-associated DVL1 mutations in Drosophila 

Tianna Beharriell  Recruiting Team STEMCELL Technologies 

“How to transition from academia to industry and what it takes to start an industrial career”


4:30 pm Pizza social

Organizing Committee

Esther Verheyen, Damon Poburko, Ziwei Ding, Amelinda Firdauzy, Debapriya Roy