6th Annual C2D2 Symposium – 12th June 2023

SFU Big Data Hub, Presentation Studio (ASB10900*), 12:30 - 4:40 PM


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Evaluation of presentations:

Prizes will be awarded for the Best Long Talk and Best Short Talk. Follow this link to the evlation forms


12:30 pm Welcome – Dr. Esther Verheyen and Dr. Damon Poburko

12:35 pm Talk Session 1: Cardiovascular Biology

Yasaman Maaref (long talk), Tibbits Lab (BPK)

The mechanisms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy associated Troponin-T variants

Homa Hamiedari  (short talk), Tibbits Lab (BPK)

Using hiPSC-CMs to investigate Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Dana Page (long talk), Ruben Lab (BPK)

Potentiation of Cardiac HCN Channels by Cannabidiol

Josh Ham (short talk), Poburko Lab (BPK)

Using Isometric Wire Myography and Electric Field Stimulation to Investigate the Kinetics of ATP Release from Vesicles in Perivascular Nerves


1:15 pm 10-minute break


1:25 pm Talk Session 2: Cancer Biology

Diana Giron-Ceron (long talk), Jamouillé Lab (MBB)

Impact of the mechanical properties of lymphoma cells on phagocytosis efficiency by macrophages

Jessica Felix (short talk), Gorski Lab (MBB)

Investigating Autophagy-related Cysteine Protease Atg4a in Drosophila melanogaster Models of Cancer  

Cally Ho (long talk), Gorski Lab (MBB)

IMPDH2 and ATG4B: rings, rods and a cysteine protease? 

Anastasia Pavlenkova (short talk), Jaumouillé Lab (MBB)

Regulation of the actin cortex by RhoA effectors in Burkitt lymphoma cells


2:05 pm Refreshment break


2:30 pm Talk Session 3: Cell Biology & Disease I

Priyanka Govindarajan (long talk), Larijani Lab (MBB)

Characterization of novel early-evolved AID/APOBEC-like deaminases

Matthew Volpiana (short talk), Beh Lab (MBB)

Phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate acts as a proximity detector that activates exocyst complex assembly on vesicles for docking with the plasma membrane

Dhruvin Akbari (long talk), Leroux Lab (MBB)

Hybrid cilia? A non-motile mechanosensory cilium harbors motility apparatus

Sayma Hussain (short talk), Silverman Lab (BISC)

Effects of KIF1A(R203S) mutation on neurite outgrowth in iPSC-derived KIF1A-Associated Neurological Disorder patient neurons


3:10 pm 10-minute break


3:20 pm Talk Session 4: Cell Biology & Disease II

Luke Everard (long talk), Clarke Lab (BPK)

Kinetic modelling of muscle-fibre-specific mechanotransduction in fatiguing and non-fatiguing exercise

Taylor McColl (short talk), Clarke Lab (BPK)

Kinetic modeling of leucine-mediated signalling and protein synthesis in insulin-resistant human skeletal muscle

Emma Lacroix (long talk), Audas Lab (MBB)

Uncovering the Regulatory Pathways Associated with Reversible Systemic Amyloid Aggregation

Sage Lougheed (short talk), Verheyen Lab (MBB)

Characterizing Robinow Syndrome DVL1 mutations in Drosophila melanogaster

Sachithrani Kannangara (short talk), Mattsson Lab (BISC)

RNAseq-based identification of a novel virus and novel virus variants in farmed blueberry plants.


4:20 pm Pizza social

Organizing Committee

Esther Verheyen, Damon Poburko, Aleksa Nenadic, Daniel Salcedo Rubio, Harshini Seetharam, Jess Hercus, Jessica Felix, Josh Ham, Priyanka Govindarajan, Sachithrani Kannangara, Stephanie Rayner, Ziwei Ding