Creating a new course shell: cross listing

1. Go to, and sign in using your SFU credentials.

2. On the right-hand navigation panel, click on Start a New Course.

3. You will then have the option to either Create a Course for Myself [1] or Create a Course for Someone Else [2].

[1] Create a Course for Myself

Once you click on Create a Course for Myself, you will be prompted whether you would like to create a Credit Course [1], a Non-Credit Course [2] or a Sandbox Course [3]. 

By creating a course for yourself, Canvas will automatically search for "suggested" courses. These courses are selected for you based on you being listed as the primary instructor in SIMS. If you create a course using this approach, you will automatically be enrolled as the teacher.

[2] Create a Course for Someone Else

By creating a course for someone else, Canvas will prompt you to search for whom you are creating the course by entering their computing ID. Enter the course instructor's SFU Computing ID [1]. You will also have the option to enrol yourself as a "Teacher", "TA" or "Designer" in the course [3]. If one of these roles apply to you, select the appropriate role and select the Enroll Me checkbox [2].

Click the Continue button [4] when done. Once you click on Continue, you will be prompted whether you would like to create a Credit Course [1], a Non-Credit Course [2] or a Sandbox Course [3]. Please refer to Creating a New Course Shell: One Shell

[1] Creating a Credit Course

A credit course, also known as a calendar course, is a course that meets the requirements for a certificate or a degree. Student enrolment in a credit course is usually managed automatically.

Once you click on Credit Course, the course creation form will provide you with a list of "suggested" courses [1]. If you see your courses there, you can check the box next to the course names, and click the Create Course button [6]. 

If you do not see your courses listed, you will need to search for your courses by term and course name [2]. Once you have located and selected your courses, you need to check the checkbox that appears to the left of the course names below the search field [3]. Once you selected the courses, they will appear in your list of "Selected Courses" [4]. This list showcases which course shells will be created when you click the Create Single Cross-listed Course button [6]. 

Be sure to select the checkbox, I want to cross-list these courses into one single course container [5]. By checking this box, you will tell Canvas to create a single course shell for all of the courses listed above, rather than individual Canvas shells for each course.

New course shell creation can take up to five minutes to be completed - once your course shells have been created, they will show up under the "Courses" area in the Canvas global navigation bar.


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