Activate your degree with the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Through the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, you enhance your degree with experiences and values that show you’re a creative problem solver, a collaborator and an innovator.

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Charles Chang Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Undergraduates! Fulfill your major and minor breadth requirements while earning a certificate.

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Science Entrepreneur Accelerator

Program Overview The Science Entrepreneur Accelerator pilot is a program designed for SFU alumni from the Invention to Innovation (i2I) program to take their research-based ventures to the next level through customized support and resources from multiple partners within the SFU innovation ecosystem. The Pilot’s team-based approach brings together founder and scientific mentorship, lab access and […]

  • Graduate
  • 1 Year
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Invention to Innovation (i2I)

Invention to Innovation (i2I) Invention to Innovation (i2I) is a unique and rewarding entrepreneurship program that helps scientists and engineers commercialize their inventions and overcome marketplace challenges. The 11-month, part-time program also provides start-up ventures or existing firms with essential frameworks, perspectives and techniques to contribute to new product development and commercialization in industry.

  • Graduate
  • 3 Semesters
  • Fall Semester
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Pre-University Students

Are you a K-12 student interested in learning more about how to unleash your entrepreneurial mindset and make the change you want to see in the world? At the Chang Institute, we know that the entrepreneurial mindset can help students build resilience, creativity, confidence, and the ability to bring their unique talents the changes they […]

  • Pre University
  • Flexible
  • Any
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Resources for Educators

Resources for Educators Innovating in education takes courage, creativity and community, and we’re here to help. The Chang Institute provides resources and assistance to entrepreneurial educators, such as: Embedded Mentors Speakers in the Classroom Live Case Studies Curricular and Co-curricular design Embedded Mentors Check out our list of embedded mentors, all from different fields of […]

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Entrepreneurship Graduate Internship (eGrad)

Open to all current SFU Graduate Students … any Faculty, any Master or PhD degree program. The Entrepreneurship Graduate Internship is a unique and valuable opportunity for students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and take part in paid work integrated learning through exploration, launch and/or growth of an idea, startup or venture with support from […]

  • Graduate
  • 1 Semester
  • Any
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Community Stories

Carolyn Yip

SIAT And Entrepreneurship

"While also participating in the Business of Design Cohort, I was also a SIAT student first, and so I completed several upper-division design courses that involve an entrepreneurial and problem-solving mindset as well. Going into the 2nd half of my 4th year I discovered the Certificate of Entrepreneurship and realized that many of my upper-division classes qualified as a part of the certificate."

Community Stories

Raaj Chatterjee

Mechatronics And Engineering, Masters

"BUS 238 was my first introduction to entrepreneurship. I came in as an engineering student and realized that, wow, there’s this whole other world where I can develop things people need and use."

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