Using the Course Descriptions Component

To add a Course Descriptions component, Click on Other from the sidekick menu. Drag and drop the Course Descriptions component onto the page.

The following text should now appear on the page:
Error: Please specify a valid Course Title and/or Course Number
Right click on it and select edit.

Enter a current Course Title (course acronym) and Course Number. Click OK.

A description is automatically generated from a central database of senate-approved course descriptions. The final results should now look like this:


BISC 300

The phenomenon of organic evolution, and the major processes leading to changes in allele frequencies over time, namely mutation, migration, genetic drift and natural selection. Topics include evolutionary genetics, adaptation, sexual selection, the origin of life, speciation, and the major evolutionary trends over geological time. Prerequisite: BISC 202 with a minimum grade of C-. Recommended: BISC 204.