Course Descriptions Component

This component automatically draws content from a central database of senate-approved course descriptions. The same content is also displayed from SFU's Official Academic Calendar. When a current course title and course number are typed into the component, the course description will automatically load onto the page.

When should it be used?

You can add a Course Descriptions component if you want your readers to know what main concepts and theories will be covered by students.

Examples of Course Descriptions component usage

Communication and Social Change

CMNS 130

An introduction to the forms, theories and institutions of communication as they relate to broader social change, with a focus on the political, economic and regulatory shifts characterizing Canadian and transnational media systems. This course is required for a major, honours or minor in communication.


BISC 300

The phenomenon of organic evolution, and the major forces leading to changes in allele frequencies over time, i.e. natural selection and genetic drift. Topics include adaptation, speciation, the origin of life, and the major evolutionary trends over geological time. Students with credit for BISC 400 may not take this course for further credit. Prerequisite: BISC 202 with a grade of C- or better. Recommended: BISC 204.