Custom List

Creating a Custom Display List is only recommended for authors with experience working with HTML, CSS and the List Component.

What is a Custom Display List?

A Custom Display List allows you to format and choose which page properties and page content to show in a list. Using Custom Display Lists, you can display not only page properties—tags, titles, last modified date, etc.—but specific sections of content within a page as well.

Custom Display Lists are built using a list template text file. This text file contains HTML and variables which represent either page properties or page content. (These variables work in the same manner as those used in a Dynamic Text component.) After a list template is created, it's used by a List component to generate the Custom Display List.

} Check the variables list for a complete list of available variables.

When should it be used?

Create a Custom Display List if you need to show page properties and/or content that pre-existing list display options don't show (e.g., if you want to display the date and time the page was last modified).


For full instructions on how to implement a Custom List on the horizonal template, please visit the instructions found here.