Dynamic Text Component

The Dynamic Text Component allows you to reference page properties or component properties, and insert it as text onto a page. This works in a similar manner as the Reference Component, which can only reference other components. You can use the Dynamic Text Component to display the properties of the current page, or to display the properties from another page.

When should it be used?

Use a Dynamic Text Component anywhere you need to display a page property in a dynamically updating manner. You can use page properties - such as the page's Subtitle or Description fields in the WCM to display information about a page without having to edit the page itself.

How to use a Dynamic Text Component

Select page source

At the bottom of the Dynamic Text Component's dialogue box, click the search icon beside the Content Source field and navigate to the page whose properties you wish to reference. Leave it blank to reference the properties of the current page.

Referencing properties

Insert any variable from our variables list into a Dynamic Text Component. If the variable's corresponding property contains no information, nothing will be displayed.

} Check the variables list for a complete list of available variables.

Example of Dynamic Text Component usage

The text below is generated with the AEM Components Style page selected as the Content Source. It uses the ${jcr:description} and ${navTitle} properties to display the page's description (as entered in the Page Properties), and its navigation title.

Description: Generic template for a basic SFU content page

Navigation title: Component Styles

The following screenshot shows the variables used in the Dynamic Text Component above.