July 22, 2021

Closed - RA Opportunity: Assessing Impact of Low-stakes Assessments

July 22, 2021

Research Assistant Opportunity
The Simon Fraser University (SFU) Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines (ISTLD) invites applications for a Research Assistant appointment for the Teaching and Learning Development Grant project, Assessing The Impact of Weekly Low-stakes Assessments on Student Motivation, Engagement, and Learning in Large-enrollment Remote Courses, to begin September 7, 2021 or earlier. The appointment will be concluded by the end of Fall term 2021.

The objective of this project is to determine the impact of asynchronous Class Engagement Activities (CEAs) on student motivation, engagement, and learning in two large enrolment first year remote courses (GEOG 104 and EVSC 100). CEAs are brief yet challenging low-stakes assessments that ask students to engage with the week’s materials in different ways, including short quizzes, reflection exercises, problem solving, creative expressions, and application of course concepts to their own lives. The activities are graded for effort/completion, and are cumulatively worth between 6-10% of the final grade, depending on the course. Data used for this research includes scores on CEAs for 3 terms for each course; final course grades; and student surveys.

Research assistant responsibilities include:
• Literature search and preparation of an annotated bibliography
• Data entry, organization and analysis (basic statistical analyses)
• Supporting reporting of findings
• Bi-weekly progress meetings with Tara Holland (remote over Zoom)

Required qualifications and skills:
• Currently enrolled in a graduate program at SFU; Geography or Environmental Science focus preferred
• Familiarity with basic quantitative data analysis
• Ability to select and implement meaningful analyses, including appropriate statistical treatment
• Expertise in thematic qualitative data analysis
• Expertise in literature searches, using reference management software (e.g., Zotero), and developing annotated bibliographies
• Ability to work independently, productively, and creatively

Experience and skills that would be an asset:
• An interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and best practices in science education.

Rate of pay: $20 - $25/hr (incl. vacation and statutory holiday pay, no medical or dental benefits) - based on experience, qualifications and degree program (PhD or MA/MSc). Maximum 140 hours.

Start date: Sept 7, 2021 or earlier.

End date: End of Fall 2021 semester.

Applicants should submit:

1. A 1-page cover letter structured to address the qualifications, skills, and role responsibilities as listed above, and
2. A 1-2 page CV. These two items should be organized as one PDF attachment and addressed to Dr. Tara Holland, and emailed to tholland@sfu.ca with “RA application” as the subject.

Application deadline: August 9, 2021. We appreciate all replies to this position posting, however, we will only contact short-listed applicants.


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