Instructors and Faculty Members

Built from a grass-roots collaborative in 2007, we work with instructors and faculty members university-wide to support inquiry into teaching and learning.

We are excited to create more opportunities and entry ways for faculty, instructors, staff, and students to engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).

  • Individualized and responsive support along a continuum of teaching and learning inquiry and research needs, including access to SoTL-trained research assistants without having to be approved for a project.
  • A robust model of project support and development, no matter the question or form of inquiry.
  • Research funding opportunities based on project needs.
  • Connection with SoTL researchers inside and outside of SFU.
  • Inquiry-research support that represents the diversity of skills, disciplines, capacities, and interests of our learning community while building on the principles of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL):
    • Clear and explicit focus on learning;
    • Grounded in context;
    • Sound methodology support;
    • Including students as partners in our research; and
    • Sharing our findings and inquiry.

Together we are transforming inquiry into teaching and learning at SFU – building on the habits of mind, practices, technologies, and connections that uncover key moments in our individual and shared journeys as scholars of teaching and learning!