I'm a research assistant. Now what?

Congratulations! You've been hired to work as a research assistant (RA) for a TLDG project. The following is some useful information for you.


What support is there available for me as a TLDG RA?

The ISTLD can offer varied support during your RA appointment:

  • survey and other research tool design
  • tips and techniques for conducting & transcribing interviews and focus groups
  • data collection, representation, and (qualitative & quantitative) analysis

At any point you can contact the ISTLD team: istld@sfu.ca

Forms needed to complete for my first appointment or changing of financial information

You only need to complete the following forms if this is your first time working at SFU (TA/TM, workstudy, CUPE library job, SSHRC RA -- these all count as working for SFU), or if your financial information has changed (you've changed banks or you want more/less taxes deducted).

Updated forms can be found here: http://www.sfu.ca/finance/departments/payroll.html

**Note: These forms will not open in a browser. Download them and then open them within a PDF reader application.

Need help filling out the forms? Contact SFU Payroll (payroll@sfu.ca).

As a non-Canadian without permanent resident status, what information do I need to provide?

You will need to provide a copy of the following:

  • work/study visa
  • SIN letter

How do I know how much I've been paid?

The easiest way to check if you have been paid is to visit http://myinfo.sfu.ca. Once logged in, follow the link to "Payroll and Compensation Home".

Can't login? You will need to activate your employee account. To activate your employee account, visit here.

If you have more than one RA or TA appointment at the university, it may be difficult to see the breakdown of your payments. Contact payroll@sfu.ca and provide your full name and SFU ID # -- they will be able to provide a breakdown for you.

How to I activate my employee account?

To activate your employee account, visit here.

Do I have medical or dental benefits?

ISTLD RA appointments do not include medical or dental benefits. You are covered by WCB/EI/CPP, and you do receive 4% vacation pay and statuatory holiday pay.

Where is my T4?

Link to SFU Payroll's information about your T4.

Your T4 is located here: http://myinfo.sfu.ca. Once logged in, follow the link to "Payroll and Compensation Home" > "View T4/T4A Slips".

Can't login? You will need to activate your employee account. To activate your employee account, visit here.

How do I find out about other RA opportunities?

Visit the ISTLD website RA opportunities regularly or sign-up for our RA opportunities emaillist.

Funding for conference attendance and field research (SFU graduate students only)

The Graduate Student Society (GSS) at SFU is proud to provide a source of funding to graduate students presenting at conferences or engaging in field research. Graduate students taking part in these professional development activities may apply for a grant of $499. Grants are distributed by lottery to top-scoring applications coded according to an objective system established by the GSS Grants Allocation Committee. For more information: http://sfugradsociety.ca/services/professional-development-grants/

Submitting RA timesheets?

- Download: Timesheet template (xls)

- Completed timesheets are to be sent to istld@sfu.ca and please cc your project supervisor

- Email subject header should be: RA Timesheets (GRANT NUMBER). If you do not know the grant number of the project you are working on, please contact: istld@sfu.ca

- Please note that you will not receive a reminder to submit your timesheets; it is your responsibility to have your timesheets submitted by the deadline.

Spring 2020 Timesheet Deadlines:

Wednesday, Jan 8 (for hours worked Dec 29 - Jan 11)
Payday: Friday, Jan 17

Wednesday, Jan 22 (for hours worked Jan 12 - 25)
Payday: Friday, Jan 31

Wednesday, Feb 5 (for hours worked Jan 26 - Feb 8)
Payday: Friday, Feb 14

Wednesday, Feb 19 (for hours worked Feb 9 - 22)
Payday: Friday, Feb 28

Wednesday, Mar 4 (for hours worked Feb 23 - Mar 7)
Payday: Friday, Mar 13

Wednesday, Mar 18 (for hours worked Mar 8 - 21)
Payday: Friday, Mar 27

Wednesday, Apr 1 (for hours worked Mar 22 - Apr 4) 
Payday: Friday, Apr 9

Wednesday, Apr 15 (for hours worked Apr 5 - 18)
Payday: Friday, Apr 24

Wednesday, Apr 29 (for hours worked Apr 19 - May 2)
Payday: Friday, May 8

For any questions or concerns, please contact: istld@sfu.ca

The RA Experience

What are research assistants telling us about their experience working with TLDG projects and the ISTLD team?