For Grant Program specific forms, guidelines and handouts, visit the specific grant program webpage.

Research Tools, Guides, & Information

Project Exemplars & Examples of Project Types

Administrative & Financial Forms, Guidelines, & Checklists

  • Procurement & purchasing - contact the ISTLD Administrative Coordinator before purchasing items. In most cases, purchasing must be done by a purchase requisition or SFU credit card. Items that will become university assets (e.g., books, software) cannot be purchased by an individual for reimbursement. The ISTLD Administrative Coordinator will make this process easy for you.
  • TLDG Signature Sheet (DOCX) - once your project is finalized, have your chair/dean sign this form

Travel & expense reports:

Eligible & Ineligible Expenses for ISTLD Projects

**note that all purchases are subject to SFU purchasing policies and procedures.

Eligible expenses for ISTLD-funded projects:

  • Hiring SFU student research personnel (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Expertise or consultation not available at SFU
  • Guest speakers
  • Development of data collection instruments
  • Support for data collection and data analysis
  • Purchasing teaching materials needed to conduct the project
  • Survey, focus group, and interview incentives for student participation
  • Software, on a case-by-case basis

Ineligible expenses for ISTLD-funded projects:

  • Reimbursement or incentives for faculty members
  • Support or top-ups for teaching assistants or tutor markers
  • Course releases
  • Commercial services
  • Computer hardware
  • Donations
  • Equipment, on a case-by-case basis
  • Journal subscriptions, professional memberships, etc.
  • Food and meals
  • Travel between campuses

In addition, please note that all expenses must be processed by ISTLD; departments will not be reimbursed for expenses unless there as been an agreement made before the expense is incurred.

If you have any questions about eligible ISTLD-funded project expenses, contact