Research Assistants (RAs)

Submitting RA timesheets?

- Download: Timesheet template (xls)

- Completed timesheets are to be sent to and please cc your project supervisor

- Email subject header should be: RA Timesheets (GRANT NUMBER). If you do not know the grant number of the project you are working on, please contact:

- Please note that you will not receive a reminder to submit your timesheets; it is your responsibility to have your timesheets submitted by the deadline.

The RA Experience

What are research assistants telling us about their experience working with TLDG projects and the ISTLD team?

Fall 2019 Timesheet Deadlines:

Wednesday, September 18
(for hours worked Sep 8 - 21)
Payday: Sep 27

Wednesday, October 2
(for hours worked Sep 22 - Oct 5)
Payday: October 11

Wednesday, October 16
(for hours worked Oct 6 - 19)
Payday: Oct 25

Wednesday, October 30
(for hours worked Oct 20 - Nov 2)
Payday: Nov 8)

Wednesday, November 13
(for hours worked Nov 3 - 16)
Payday: Nov 22

Wednesday, November 27
(for hours worked Nov 17 - 30)
Payday: Dec 6

Wednesday, December 10
(for hours worked Dec 1 - 14) **
Payday: Dec 20

**for hours worked passed December 14, you will need to report those hours in the new year.

For any questions or concerns, please contact: