emerge Book Production Course

This course offers an introduction to the process and history of book production. Through classroom instruction, group discussion and guest speakers, you will learn about the process of book editing, design, production and printing. You will also have the option of signing up for a production team to participate in the anthology's production.

emerge launches every October at a gala event.

To see our past anthologies, visit our anthology webpage.

This course is available only as part of The Writer’s Studio.

What will I learn?

We will cover the following:

  • Key figures in the evolution of the book in print production history
  • Components of a book
  • Stages of the book production process
  • Various book formats: hard cover, trade paperback, mass market paperback, etc.
  • Elements of good cover design
  • How to work effectively with an editor, designer, printer and publisher
  • Differences between ebooks, print editions, digital editions and book apps

How will I learn?

  • Lectures
  • Readings
  • Class discussions
  • Workshops
  • Q & A sessions with guest industry professionals

How will I be evaluated?

You will be evaluated based on your completion of readings and in-class participation.

Optional: emerge Book Production Teams

Students who take this class will have the option to work on a production team during the production of emerge. This is an optional element, where students can work with  TWS alumni on the editorial, design and marketing of the current anthology. The production takes place over the summer, from June to August. During this time, all groups will meet biweekly with the publisher and managing editor for an hour-long production meeting. They will also complete tasks between meetings.

Textbooks and learning materials

We will provide custom course materials.

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