Applying to a program

Being enrolled in a program will let you:

  • Earn a certificate or diploma
  • Track your progress and next steps in your student account
  • Access potential tax credits
  • Be eligible to graduate as an SFU alumnus when you finish

Programs with specific start and end dates require you to apply before you begin taking courses. For programs with flexible timing, you can start taking courses as they’re available and apply to the program when you’re ready. You can find details on the application process on individual program pages.

How to apply to a program

When you’re ready to apply, locate the program of your choice and click on Apply Now.

When prompted, log in to your student account (or create a new account if you don’t already have one). You’ll be taken to an application page where you’ll answer a few questions and upload your résumé and/or other required documents.

Next, pay the $75 non-refundable application fee. Once your application and payment have been submitted, our program staff will review your application, generally within two weeks.

SFU alumni discount: We’re pleased to waive our standard $75 application fee for all SFU alumni. Simply enter discount code SFUalumni when applying to any program.

Study permits

A study permit is not needed for short-term courses or programs of study of six months or less. As well, a study permit can’t be issued for courses with SFU Continuing Studies that are fully online because they do not require your presence in Canada. 

For more information on study permits, contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada directly.

For undergraduate and graduate students, visit SFU’s Student Services for the permit procedure.

Course exemptions

When applying to the following programs, you may request exemptions for equivalent courses you have completed at SFU or other educational institutions. You must have completed the equivalent course within five years of your request unless otherwise noted.

  • Business Management (up to 2 exemptions)
  • Dialogue and Civic Engagement (1 exemption; completed within 3 years)
  • Editing (up to 3 exemptions)
  • Evaluation for Social Change and Transformational Learning (1 exemption; completed within 3 years)
  • Executive Leadership (1 exemption; completed within 3 years)
  • First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery (up to 2 exemptions)
  • Human Resources Management (up to 3 exemptions)
  • Leadership Essentials (1 exemption; completed within 3 years)
  • Non-Profit Management (1 exemption)
  • Plain Language (up to 3 exemptions)
  • Public Relations (up to 3 exemptions)
  • Restorative Justice (1 exemption)
  • Risk Management Professional (1 exemption; completed within 5 years)
  • Technical Communication (up to 3 exemptions)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Management (up to 2 exemptions)

We can assess your request only if you submit all of the following items when applying to the program:

  1. Name of the specific course within the program for which you are requesting an exemption
  2. Name of the course you have completed that you feel matches the SFU course in content and hours
  3. Course outline/syllabus of the course you have completed (including curriculum content, evaluation methods and course hours)
  4. Official transcript

If approved, we’ll charge a $50 exemption fee for each course and assign an EX grade, which will appear on your transcript.