Register for single courses at any time. You don’t need to apply to SFU because Continuing Studies courses are non-credit—they’re not part of an undergraduate or graduate degree. You’ll complete a short program application only if you decide you want to earn a certificate or diploma.

Registering for a course

There’s no application required to take single courses at Continuing Studies. Simply find the course that’s right for you and register online. You’ll be asked to create an account if you’re new to SFU Continuing Studies.

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Applying to a program

To earn a certificate or diploma, you need to apply to the program to ensure that your coursework enables you to graduate.

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Student Accounts

The first time you register for a course or apply to a program, you’ll be asked to create a student account by completing a simple profile and setting a password. You’ll need to log in to this account to complete any future transactions. The account will also allow you to review your courses, schedule and grades online.

Costs and payments

All fees are in Canadian dollars, and payments can be made online with your credit card.

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