Community Data Science

Confidently lead the way in data-driven decisions

Urban, suburban, rural and remote communities are increasingly inundated with vast amounts of data. This data is fast becoming a critical tool to help make communities of all sizes more sustainable, equitable and resilient. 

Making data-driven, land-use infrastructure and policy decisions requires planners, engineers, local policy-makers and managers to understand the numerous options and design choices they face. This is where our Community Data Science program comes in.




Fri–Sat daytime

4 days / course 

$1412 / course

Take our short and intensive community data science courses one at a time to suit your work schedule.

Upcoming community data science courses:

Part-Time Certificate Program


4 courses

Fri–Sat daytime

Finish in 7 months from Sep 2019


Our new part-time Community Data Science Certificate leaps headfirst into public datasets and explores the most critical analytical tools, visualization approaches, and best practices in disseminating insights. In under seven months, you will gain confidence in making and defending data-driven decisions.

You'll learn to:

  • Describe the fundamental elements of data
  • Explain the structure and importance of the Canadian Census
  • Mine Canadian Census data, and open data for B.C. at provincial and municipal scales
  • Assess basic public datasets
  • Perform the most common and critical operations in data analysis
  • Understand the limits in data analysis

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