Creative Writing

Upcoming courses and workshops

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration.

July 2019

24 The Writer's Studio: Urban Writer's Retreat CPW905 CPW905-VA11941

August 2019

12 Write, Write, Write CPW804 CPW804-VA11941

September 2019

21 Non-Fiction Series for the Weekend Student CPW525 CPW525-VA11971

21 Poetry Series for the Weekend Student CPW505 CPW505-VA11971

25 Introduction to Fiction CPW600 CPW600-ON11971

25 Introduction to Poetry CPW700 CPW700-ON11971

28 Fiction Series for the Weekend Student CPW604 CPW604-VA11971

30 The Poem's Intention CPW705 CPW705-VA11971

October 2019

19 Memoir of Inquiry CPW507 CPW507-VA11971

January 2020

22 How to Write a Family Memoir CPW503 CPW503-ON12011

February 2020

2 Special Topics CPW900 CPW900-VA12011

TWS Community Workshops

TWS Community Workshops are one-day sessions on the craft of writing and are organized by alumni of The Writer's Studio to support our writing community. All registration fees directly fund The Writer's Studio Scholarships.