Creative Writing

Upcoming courses and workshops

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration.

July 2019

24 The Writer's Studio: Urban Writer's Retreat CPW905 CPW905-VA11941

August 2019

12 Write, Write, Write CPW804 CPW804-VA11941

September 2019

21 Non-Fiction Series for the Weekend Student CPW525 CPW525-VA11971

21 Poetry Series for the Weekend Student CPW505 CPW505-VA11971

25 Introduction to Fiction CPW600 CPW600-ON11971

25 Introduction to Poetry CPW700 CPW700-ON11971

28 Fiction Series for the Weekend Student CPW604 CPW604-VA11971

30 The Poem's Intention CPW705 CPW705-VA11971

October 2019

19 Memoir of Inquiry CPW507 CPW507-VA11971

January 2020

22 How to Write a Family Memoir CPW503 CPW503-ON12011

TWS Community Workshops

TWS Community Workshops are one-day sessions on the craft of writing and are organized by alumni of The Writer's Studio to support our writing community. All registration fees directly fund The Writer's Studio Scholarships.

There are currently no workshops scheduled.