International Students & Co-op

Are you an international student at SFU who is interested in exploring career possibilities through Co-operative Education? We have outlined some simple steps you need to take to begin your process. We also have built some additional resources to support you in your career pathways.

How do I start?

Apply for a Social Insurance Number

You can apply for a SIN at any time, provided you have the correct documents to do so (i.e. either a work permit, or a study permit with a condition stating you “may work” or “may accept employment”). If your study permit does not indicate that you may work, you will only be able to apply for a SIN after receiving your co-op work permit. If you already have your SIN number, skip this step. Apply for your SIN number here.

1. Apply to Co-op

To join the Co-op Program, you must complete the application form on myExperience. It is recommended that you apply between 30-60 credit hours. If you have over 90 credits, be sure to consult a Co-op Coordinator before applying. 

2. Wait for Assistance

Upon receiving your application form, your Co-op Program will contact you within 10 business days to advise you of your Conditional Approval to the Program. This email will highlight Program specific steps that you will need to complete in order to be fully accepted into the Program. 

3. Apply for Your (Free) Co-op Work Permit

Once accepted into the Co-op program you will have a letter stating your accepted status. With that in hand, VISA students are required to obtain a valid Co-op work permit through IRCC before applying to co-op jobs. You should apply as soon as you receive the letter from Co-op program!


IMPORTANT: You must have a Co-op Work Permit with an expiry date that is AFTER the end date of your intended Co-op work term.  If your Co-op Work Permit needs to be renewed, you must do so BEFORE applying for Co-op jobs.

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Where can I find other resources?