Student-Developed Co-op Work Term

What is a Student-Developed Work Term?

A student-developed work term is an opportunity for students to seek out their own work term opportunity outside of the Co-op postings available through the SFU Co-op system. These opportunities can be considered for approval by a Co-op Coordinator and are with a new employer who has not worked with SFU Co-op. These opportunities are outside of what is posted by the SFU Co-op program on myExperience, and students cannot target jobs that are or have been posted with SFU Co-op. Contact your co-op coordinator for more information.

To get started, you must download and complete the fillable PDF application below, and submit it to your co-op coordinator or co-op program office.

More Information to get you started

Developing Your Own Co-op Job 

Through networking, you may know of employers whom you would like to work for, or you may want to develop the job search skills you will need after graduation. By taking a proactive approach to getting a Co-op placement you can increase your opportunities and find the job that is right for you.

Contacting the Employer 

Employers are busy people; respect their time by coming to the point quickly when contacting them. Prepare ahead of time what you will say or discuss with the employer. You may also want to indicate that you are an SFU Co-op student calling to discuss the possibility of a Co-op or temporary position within their organization. You may also wish to specify which faculty or program you are from.

Presenting Yourself 

Even if you are following up with a contact you made previously, be prepared to impress this person. They may not have an opportunity immediately available but may be hiring in the future. 

If an employer is interested in meeting with you, treat it like a formal interview by: 

  • Doing research on the company and industry ahead of time.
  • Bringing several copies of your resume. 
  • Dressing as you would for a formal interview. 
  • Asking for other contact names or referrals before leaving, especially if there does not appear to be any immediate opportunities available. 
  • Indicating that you will follow up regarding future possibilities. 
  • Sending a thank you note, acknowledging the time and information they gave you. 

Indicating Your Interest to Accept 

Consult with a Co-op Coordinator before accepting a job offer.

Co-op Procedures 

To qualify a position as a Co-op Work Term:

1. Review your plans regarding the development of your own job with a Coop Coordinator. 

  • Provide current industry and organization information 
  • Indicate if employer has already been contacted or has posted a Coop job opportunity previously 
  • Provide employer contact names 

2. Ensure the following placement criteria are met: 

  • Position is full time (for a minimum of 420 hours per semester) 
  • On the job supervision and training is provided 
  • Offers a minimum salary that meets local employment standards and laws 
  • Utilizes the skills you are gaining in your coursework, and provides an opportunity for you to develop new skills 

3. Complete the Student Developed Work Term Application form (below)

4. Complete and submit the documentation to your Co-op Coordinator for review/approval.

Download and Complete THE SDWT Application Form (PDF) →

Download locally to your device before filling out. Please do not complete the PDF in your browser as it may not save correctly.

How to fill out:

  • Digitally: Adobe Acrobat is recommended.
  • Physically: Print, fill out in pen, scan, and email.
* Student-Developed Work Term Form-May-2023-fillable.pdf
Please download, fill out the application form, and submit it to your co-op coordinator.