Making Your City Compassionate

March 23, 2012

The Greater Vancouver Compassion Network and Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue hosted mayors, councilors and city managers from 14 Metro Vancouver municipalities for the Making Your City Compassionate invitational dialogue. This breakfast event celebrated compassionate acts by Metro Vancouver municipalities and provided a forum to discuss the role of compassion within the context of the wordwide Compassionate Cities movement and the internationally recognized Charter for Compassion. Participants shared stories of successful compassionate actions in their municipalities and explored effective strategies to:

  • Express compassion in a city’s decision-making, governance and daily operations
  • Foster compassionate social innovation through building local partnerships and accessing national and international networks
  • Define what becoming a Compassionate City means politically and socially
  • Achieve formal recognition as a Compassionate City with the International Institute for Compassionate Cities

Further information about the compassionate cities movement is available in the Making Your City Compassionate background information document.

In partnership with Charter for Compassion and Greater Vancouver Compassion Network.

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