Invited as Lecturer/Performer/Researcher

Snowber, C. (November 2, 2016). Earth traces: Reclaiming Armenian identity through poetry and dance.

Faculty of Education, University of Regina, Regina, Sask.

Snowber, C. (October, 2011). What the Body Knows: Dance as embodied inquiry. Arts-Based Research Symposium – The Ethics and Aesthetics of arts-based research. Co-Sponsored by University of Alberta Faculty of Education, Faculty of Nursing, and Department of Drama. 

Snowber, C. with C. Snowber, M. Latta, P. Appelbaum, B. Bickel, Alex deCosson (2012, April). Invited Panel: Arts Based Educational Research: Reflections on the history within AERA. The American Associaton for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, UBC, Vancouver, B.C.

Snowber, C. (2011, February). Embodied Inquiry: ReKnitting a Life as Search and Re/Search. Presentation at the Faculty of Educaiton, SFU. Halpern Centre, Burnaby, BC.

Snowber, C. (2010, December). We've got footnotes down, what happened to the bodynotes? Stirring Mind Series. UBC Okanagan. 

Snowber, C. (2010, August). Choreographer’s Lab: Choreographer’s as Artist Educators Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival with Celeste Miller and Lisa Donovan. Invited as a researcher to explore strengthening the case for embodied learning in educational settings.

Snowber, C. (2009, October). Minding the body/Bodying the mind. Pre-conference workshop at the Holistic Learning: Breaking New Ground – The Seventh International Conference. Jointly sponsored by University of Waterloo and OISE/U of T, Geneva Park Conference Centre, ON.

Snowber, C. (2007, October). Bodygraphy: Dance as a way of inquiry. Seminar series at the Centre for Arts-Informed Research, Dept. of Adult Education and Counseling Psychology, OISE, U of T, Toronto, ON.

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Snowber, C. (2001). Performance/Closing dance at the Women and Spirituality Dialogue 2001. Bodyplay. Vancouver School of Theology. Vancouver, BC.