Graduate Student Supervision (since 1999)

Supervisor (Completed)

Maria Dimas (MA, 2015), Pedagogy of Distance: Touch in Education

Sheena Anne Anderson (MA, 2015), Artistic Sadhana: A Praxis of Embodied Awakening

Susanna Ruebsaat (PhD, 2014), Mourning the Dream/Amor Fati: A Mythopoetic Inquiry Looking Through A Spiral Lens

Lorraine White-Wilkinson (MA, 2013), Dancing into Voice: Articulating and Engaging Embodied Knowledge

Karen Kurnaedy (PhD, 2013), Uncovering the Essence of What Animates Us Beneath the Dance: Investigating the Lived Experiences of Bodily Perceptions Generated While Dancing

Kathryn Ricketts (PhD, 2011), The Suitcase, the Map, the Compass: An Expedition into Embodied Poetic Narrative and its Application Toward Fostering Optimal Learning Spaces (Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation medal recipient)

Krista Little (MA, 2011), The Fertility of Artistic Expression as a Two-Way Offering: Releasing the Prolific Self

Ada Glustein (MA, 2006), Storied Voices: A Phenomenological Study of Identity and Belonging

David Young (PhD, 2005)An Invitation: Improvisation Living and Teaching

Cheryl Kay (MA, 2004), Wild Things Live in Isaiah’s Garage: Dancemaking in Education

Committee Member

Julia Helen Lane  (PhD, 2016), Impossibility Aside: Clowning and Scholarly Context

Stephen Tyler Hall  (MA, 2016) An Autoethnographic Exploration of My Sexual Identity as Seen through Interpretive Dance, Acadia University, Counselling.  Internal Reader.

Sean Park (PhD, 2014), Embodied Inner Work: An Educator’s Journey of Body-Mind Integration

Jennifer Finn (PhD, 2014), Befriending the Darkness: A Creative Exploration of Shadow

Paula Rosehart (PhD, 2013), Learning to Move-Moving to Learn: Metaphorical Expressions in Teacher Education

Amanda Wordrop (MA, 2012), Curioser and Curioser: Inviting Performances of Hospitality, Transition and Pedagogy

Bonnie Nish (MA, 2012), Finding Voice

Jeffrey Lannan (PhD, 2012), Using narrative in the classroom: A pedagogy to promote student engagement

Gerda van de Windt (PhD, 2008), Art and Aesthetic Education: A Painter’s Philosophy

Jana Milloy (PhD, 2007), Persuasions of the Wild: Writing the Moment A Phenomenology

Meg Zuccaro (MA, 2004), Listening into Presence: The Heart of Contemplative Phenomenology

Jana Milloy (MA, 2004), Incarnate Words: Phenomenology of Writing the Self

External/Internal Examiner

Madeleine DeLittle (PhD, 2017), Transformative Pedagogy in Counsellor Education:  Exploring Personal Growth Through Experiential Play-Based Therapy

Meghan Parker (MA, 2017), Art Teacher in Process: An Illustrated Exploration of Art,  Education and What Matters

Amy Thomasson (MA, 2017), The Gardener, The Actor, and The Educator: Six Lessons Towards Creating and Cultivating Spaces of Vulnerability Between Theatre for Young Audiences and Education

Linda Heglund (PhD, 2017), Revealing Place Through Art: A Métissage of Indwelling Within Thin Places

Marie Diane Caroline Lefebre (PhD, 2017), Shamanic historical consciousness: retu(r)ning to the Ellemental as an indigenous education

Eric Weiden (MA, 2014), Listening In Towards Sound: Creating soundscapes to sound our presence (Internal/External)

Marlowe Irvine (PhD, 2014), While I Am My Hair My Hair is Me – Literary Analysis of a Narrative Inquiry Into Teacher Identity Formation (Internal)

Charles Scott (PhD, 2011), Becoming Dialogue: Martin Buber’s Concept of Turning to the Other as Educational Praxis (Internal/External)

Daniel Elza (PhD, 2011), Pedagogy of the Imagination: Philo-poesis, non.verifiable truths, and other existential celebrations (Internal/External)

Jessica Elliot (MA, 2011), Awakenings through Personal Encounters with Nature and Art (External)

Karen Kurnaedy (MA, 2009), A Choreographer’s Process: A Personal Story (External)

Susan Montobello (PhD, 2008), Journeying Into the Heart of Schools: Dwelling in Time, Place and Intimacy (Internal/External)

Linda Apps (PhD, 2007), Artistic Process: Demystifying Art-Making (Internal/External)

External Examiner for Doctoral Dissertations at other Universities

Kyeong-Suk Min (PhD, 2012), Toward a holistic pedagogy of art integration (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto)

Anna Chase (PhD, 2011), Enveloped by Ocean Life: Experiences in Scuba Diving (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto)

Jane Alexandre (PhD, 2011), Towards a theoretical view of dance leadership (Antioch University)