Poetry Published

Snowber, C. (2022). Voices must not vanish. Poems in response to Peril: An Anthology in Support of Ukraine. Edited by P. Kemp and R. Sitoski, Pendas Productions/Laughing Raven.

Snowber, C. and Odabashian, M. (2020) Shield of colour. Pollinated with love. Illuminata. HyeBred. (Isolation/Utopia) (Fall 2020) 8, pp. 58-61.

Snowber, C. and Odabashian, M. (2019). Ancestral tones. Blood lessons. Offering. HyeBred. (Fall 2019) 6, pp. 5-8.

Snowber, C. (2017). An anatomy of a life, Celebrate Canada 150-from far and wide: Multicultural creative writing collection 2017 . Canada 150, Culture Days, BC Culture Days and City of Richmond.

Snowber, C. (2017).  Fire goddess. Dance, Movement and Spiritualities. 4(1), 127-129

Snowber, C. (2015) The great love story and “Crowdance”  in Royal City Poets Anthology 2015.  New Westminster, B.C.: Silver Bow Publishing.

Snowber, C. (2015). The marrow of longing. Armenite. http://thearmenite.com/2015/07/the-marrow-of-longing-by-celeste-snowber/ 

Snowber, C. (2014). Adorned from inside out, Table wisdom, and sea glass rosary. Royal City Poets Anthology 2014 (pp. 33-35). New Westminster, BC: Silver Bow Publishing 

Snowber, C. (2013). Supper by the sea. Quills: Canadian Poetry Magazine, IX, 61.

Snowber, C. (2012). Season for Splashing. Kurungabaa: A Journal or Litrature, History and Ideas from the Sea, 1(4), 64–65.

Snowber, C. (2009). Spousal hire. Educational Insights, 13(4).

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Snowber, C. (2008). In praise of the kitchen-studio. Blue Skies.

Snowber, C. (2008). Ode to the black cherry; Snow light; and Laundry art. Raven Poetry Journal, Winter 2008.

Snowber, C. (2008). Water litany. Glass: A poetry journal, 1(1). 

Snowber, C. (2005). Beneath the skin of plum black. Ararat. XLIV(184), 56.

Snowber, C. (2004). Mother sins and Writing bare breasted. In S. Weber & C. Mitchell (Eds.), Not Just Any Dress: Narratives of memory, body and identity (pp. 157–159, 225–228). New York: Peter Lang.

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Snowber, C. (2000). Building snuggles, Dangerous beauty/Beautiful danger, and Stones of love. English Quarterly, 32(1–2), 40–41.

Other Poetry

Snowber, C. (2010). Bodypsalms. Website of my bodypsalms (poetry/videos).

Snowber, C. (2007). Your stones wait. Armenian poetry project.