Master of Arts for Teachers of English (MATE)

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The Master of Arts for Teachers of English (MATE) Program is an innovative and accessible graduate degree program that offers English teachers in the elementary, secondary, or college system within the province of British Columbia the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in English literature. The MATE program is not taking applications in 2023. 

Past Courses

Summer 2020 Intersession 
ENGL 880: Pro-Seminar I | Instructor: Sophie McCall

Summer 2020 
ENGL 834: Studies in Twentieth Century Literature | Instructor: David Chariandy

Fall 2020 
ENGL 844: Indigenous Literature 1 | Instructor: Sophie McCall

Spring 2021
ENGL 870-A: Indigenous Literature 2 | Instructor: June Scudeler

Summer 2021 Intersession
ENGL 881: Pro-Seminar 2 (Research Methods and Methodologies) | Instructor: Ronda Arab

Summer 2021
ENGL 829: Shakespeare | Instructor: Ronda Arab

* ENGL 829 Ronda Arab.pdf
Course outline

Fall 2021
ENGL 870-B: Topics in Academic Research and Knowledge Mobilization | Instructor: Deanna Reder

Spring 2022
ENGL 851: Studies in Popular Literature and Culture | Instructor: Stephen Collis

Spring 2022
ENGL 891: MA Paper or Project

* MATE capstone final.pdf
Course outline