Catherine Murray(she/her)

Professor Emerita


  • PhD (Political Studies): Queen’s University, Kingston.1986.
  • MA and BA (Honours) (Political Science): University of Waterloo.




Cultural participation and creative labour; cultural infrastructure and creative cities; creative economy, feminist creative practice and cultural industries; cultural governance and policy; gender, cultural diversity and intersectionality; political communication, communication rights and global trade; research design in cultural policy evaluation.

Professional Positions at SFU

Full Professor, SFU September 2007-September 2021

Associate Professor, SFU January 1992-August 2007

Departmental Affiliations at SFU

School of Communications, January 1992-September 2009; September 2012-December 2015.

Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, September2009-August 2012; January 2016-Present

Administrative Positions at SFU

Associate Dean Undergraduate, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, January 2016-August 31, 2020.

Associate Chair, School of Communications, January 2013- December, 2015.

Chair, Academic Women, January 2008-September 2012.

Chair, Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, September 2008 to September, 2012.

Graduate Chair, School of Communications, September 1997-June 2003; May 2005-September 2005

Other Positions:

Assistant Professor, Mass Communications, York University, January 1985-May 1986; Lecturer, January 1983-September 1984.

Vice President Media and Telecommunications, Decima Research July 1989-October 1991, Senior Researcher, June 1986-June 1989.

Adjunct Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto, 1987.



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Book Chapters

® Murray, Catherine and Beale, Alison. (forthcoming 2021) BC Cultural Policy (1952-2009). Monica Gattinger et Diane Saint Pierre, eds. Cultural Policy:  Origins, Evolution, and Implementation in Canada’s Provinces and Territories. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press.

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Refereed Journal Articles

® Murray, Catherine. (2015/2016). Queering Vancouver: The Work of the LGBTQ Advisory Committee, 2009-2014. BC Studies. No. 188. (Winter) 55-80.

®Gollmitzer, Mirjam and Murray, Catherine. (2012) Escaping the Precarity Trap: a call for creative labour policy. In International Journal on Cultural Policy. 18:4, 419-438.

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® Murray, Catherine. Designing Monitoring to Promote Cultural Diversification in TV. In Race, Ethnicity and Intercultural Communication. Special Issues of the Cnd J of Communic 34(4), pp. 675–700, 2009.Commissioned Reports

® Gollmitzer, Mirjam and Murray, Catherine. (2009) Workflows and Flexicurity: Canadian Cultural Labour in the Era of the Creative Economy. Report for the Canadian Conference of the Arts and the Cultural Human Resources Council. Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, 60 pp. May 2009.

Commissioned Reports

Murray, Catherine and Gollmitzer, Mirjam. (2008) From Economy to Ecology: A Policy Framework for Creative Labour. Report for the Canadian Conference of the Arts. Ottawa, March 15, 2008. 70 pp.

Murray, Catherine. 2008. Edge Cities: Competitive and Collaborative Creative Economy Strategy for Surrey.  

Catherine, Yu, Sherry and Ahadi, Daniel. (2007) Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Media in BC. A report for the Department of Canadian Heritage, Western Region. SFU: Center for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities. 144 pp. Database and report found at <>.

Community Engagement

Service to the SFU Community: Standing University Committees

Jan 2016-Apr 2020          Member, SCUS

Jan 2016- Apr 2020         Member, SEMC

Jan 2016-Apr 2020          Member, SCEMP

Jan 2015-Dec 2015          Member, SFUFA Equity Committee

June 2015-Jan 2016        Senator, and Member of Senate Committee on                                          Agenda and Rules

Sep 2012-Sep 2014         Elected to the University Faculty Review Council

Sep 2009–Sep 2011         Elected to the FASS Dean’s Advisory Committee

Jan 2008–Sep 2012         Chair, Academic Women’s Association

Jun 2002–May 2006         Member elected to the Board of Governors,
                                        SFU by faculty for two terms, Chair, Academic                                         Operations Committee; member of Executive                                         Committee of Board of Governors.

Jan 2000–Jun 2003         Chair, Graduate Studies Committee, School of                                         Communication, SFU.

Sep 1996–Aug 1998        Chair, Graduate Studies Committee, School of                                         Communication, SFU.

Special University Committees

Sep 2014-Aug 2015         SFUFA Equity Committee, member of VPA
                                        working group on Salary Equity

Sept 2012- Dec 2012       Elected to the Review Committee, VP Academic

2010–January 2011         Member, Curriculum Task Force, FASS.

Feb–Apr 2010                    Member, Search Committee for Head
                                            Librarian, VPR Office.

Sept–Dec 2009                 Member, Search Committee for the Dean of                                          Continuing Studies

2004                                   Chair, SFU Board of Governors’ Governance                                            Working Group.

Jun 1998–Jun 2000         Elected SFU Faculty Association representative
                                        on The Presidential SearchCommittee.

May 1994–May 1996        Member of the President’s Committee on                                            University Planning, SFU.

External Community Service

May 2015- Aug 2016           Ombudsperson, New Canadian Media

2013-2015                           Vice Chair, BC and Yukon Regional Advisory                                             Board

Fall 2009–Fall 2011             Member of the National Advisory Committee
                                            on Cultural Statistics for Statistics Canada.

2008–2011                           Member of Research Advisory Group Canadian                                             Conference of Arts

2004–2009                           Advisory Committee School of Journalism                                             Kwantlen

2005                                     Juror, Vancouver Arts Awards

2000–2007                           Member of the Board, Canadian Broadcast                                              Standards Council;

1996–2005                           Member of the Board, BC Film Society.

2001–2002                          Member, Advisory Committee for the Canadian                                             Cultural Observatory, Department of Canadian                                             Heritage.

1998–2001                          Member of the Board, MediaWatch, Research                                             Portfolio.

1998–2000                           Chair, Parents’ Advisory Council, College Park                                             Elementary School.

1994–2000                           Member of the Board, Lifestyle Foundation for                                             The Women’s Network (50.5% owned by                                             Moffat Communications). The mandate is to                                             research, mentor and develop programs to                                             train women in new media.

1996–1997                           Member of the Board, Vancouver                                             International Film Festival.

1996–1997                           Member of the BC Regional Board, Canadian                                               Broadcast Standards

1991–1996                           Member of the Board, Owl Communications.

1992–1995                           Member of the Planning Council, Knowledge                                              Network, Open Learning Agency.

1993–1994                         Member of the Board, Professional Marketing                                             Research Society.

1992–1993                           Member of City of Vancouver’s Municipal Task                                              Force on the Arts