Graduate Student Profiles

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PhD profiles

Mathew Arthur (he/him)

Research areas: Feminist and Indigenous science and technology studies, multispecies studies, feminist material semiotics and figuration, methods and practices in affect studies.

Nadine Boulay

Reserach areas: History of lesbian-feminism in the Lower Mainland in the 1970s and 80s, with a particular focus on rural and island experiences, intentional women’s communities, and the ‘back to the land’ movement.

Leslie Brunanski (she/her)

Research areas: Women’s intersection with the criminal justice system and the accompanying issues related to women both as offenders and victims of crime. 

Nerida Bullock (she/her)

Research areas: Nerida’s doctoral thesis explores how Canadian law has shifted dramatically to support the inclusion of same-sex couples, while adamantly excluding any reconfigurations of numeric possibilities that extend beyond the socially enshrined dyad.

Sandie Dielissen (she/her)

Research areas: Sandie’s research will also reveal the ways in which Aboriginal girls resisted and defied colonial education, providing a deeper understanding of institutions of reform and their impacts on the lived experiences of Aboriginal girls and women.

Thuy Do (she/her)

Research areas: Gender politics and identity, migration, multiculturalism, economic development, and Vietnam culturalism.

Reema Faris (she/her)

Research areas: Reema's research will focus on the intersection of popular culture and feminism. Specifically, she will be exploring whether popular culture distracts attention from the reality of women’s lives and in fact delays progress on important social policies such as pay equity, universally accessible childcare, and equal political representation.

Shanny Rann (she/her)

Research areas: Shanny is proud to be back at SFU for her PhD in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies and hopes to carry on the pioneering lineage of the department by championing gender equality through the combination of theory and practice.

Kathleen Reed (they/them)

Kathleen’s SSHRC-funded doctoral work explores privacy and disclosure decisions in the lives of trans, non-binary, two spirit, and other gender non-conforming youth.

Shahar Shapira (she/her)

Research areas: Shahar intends to explore the interconnections between Israeli culture and science, and the ways in which scientific knowledge making and science communication participate in social power relations along the lines of gender, race/ethnicity, nationality and bodymind difference.

MA Profiles

Oreofeoluwa Adeyonu

A masters student in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies with a bachelor's degree in International relations and diplomacy. My core areas of interest are women's rights activism in Africa and the Middle East, Women refugees and migrants. I am also very passionate about the intersection of religion, culture and feminism in Nigeria and other African countries.

Carolina Almeida Coutinho

Before becoming a student at SFU, Carol received a BA in Architecture and a MA in Social Responsibility. Within her professional experience, she has had the pleasure to work mainly with non-profit organizations and government bodies to promote awareness of the importance of developing a culture of social responsibility and promoting activities that uphold and defend the human rights of vulnerable communities. Her research interest includes Femicides in the Latin American context and the connections of Masculinity and early childhood" development.

Megan Bobetsis

Megan is a MA student in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, and previously received a BA from SFU and a Journalism diploma from Langara College. Megan worked for 3 years as a Project Coordinator at the Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity prior to starting her MA. Her research interests include intimate partner violence, sexual assault, BC criminal justice system and sexual assault/IPV, and survivor resilience.

Sharvesh L

Sharvesh is a MA student in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies at Simon Fraser University and the Co-Founder & Editor of Minority Voices Singapore (@minorityvoices on Instagram), a social media platform that raises awareness about the ongoing racism and intersectional issues ethnic minority communities face in Singapore. His research interests lie in the intersections of sexual racism, inter-ethnic solidarity and emotional well-being. With a bachelor’s degree in guidance & counselling, and a foundational background in the performing arts, Sharvesh is motivated by the power of storytelling and how unearthing personal narratives of the lives and experiences of marginalized folk can be used to educate, motivate and inspire people to adopt anti-racist and anti-discriminatory attitudes to build a respectful community that acknowledges its differences, recognizes the power in diversity and celebrates its uniqueness without pushing for assimilation or integration in to a dominant way of being.

Yasmin Simsek

Yasmin is doing her MA in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at SFU and has a BA in Theatre and Creative Writing. Yasmin has worked in the creative and charitable sectors, as well as having her first children’s book published, the first of (hopefully) many, focussing on representation and diversity. Her research interests include dismantling toxic masculinity, femicide and queerness in Turkey, and using art to create social change.