Master of Arts in GSWS - Course Intensive (CI)

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies (GSWS) master of arts (MA) program offers interdisciplinary study and research leading to a master's degree. The program provides a strong academic approach, with core courses on feminist theory and methodology and a blend of advanced studies in specific fields, as well as directed readings for more individualized study. Students develop and demonstrate intellectual and analytical skills, in accordance with the particular criteria of the level of study, and in consultation with their supervisor and supervisory committee. There is also a strong professional development core with two courses and applied Field Studies where students develop their academic learning into practical applications for the workplace, current or future.

Previous Field studies have included:

  • Holistic Indigenous-led women’s health program development
  • Creation of historical archive interviews for SFU archive
  • Training course for nonIndigenous front line workers on Indigenous children in the care system
  • Educational video on sexual consent
  • Program for men and boys on masculinity and how to intervene in situations of potential assault on others
  • Report to local city on Trans Inclusion in city services
  • Training literature for local labour union on LGBTQ2SIA+ issues
  • Presentation on domestic violence including local supports for local women’s shelter agency
  • Evaluation of LGBTQ2SIA+ refugee services for local agency
  • A single evening art show on sexual trauma
  • Policy paper on Gender Based policy analysis and development
  • And much more

Students can also gain experience as Teaching and Research Assistants.

You can study at your own pace! 

Important Notice

Application deadline:
January 24, 2024
(Fall 2024 start)

Applications Open:
Thursday, November 2, 2023


For informaiton on how to submit transcripts, please visit the Dean of Graduate Studies website
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Please submit supporting documents as per online application instructions.