Upcoming courses

Fall 2021 courses

Spring 2022

(courses subject to change)

GSWS 101-3 Gender Talk (B-Soc) | Walks (Distance Education)
GSWS 102-3 Feminist Action (B-Hum) | Marchbank
GSWS 204-3 Sex and the City | Muller Myrdahbank
GSWS 205-3 Gender and Popular Culture | Patterson
GSWS 212-3 STT:  Gender and Sexuality in South Asia | Saria (Surrey FASS One)
GSWS 315-4 Critical Disability Studies | Nye
GSWS 316-4 Disciplining Sex: Feminist Science Studies and Sociobiology | Nye
GSWS 320-4 ST: The Politics of Anger in Contemporary Media Culture | Patterson (Surrey)
GSWS 321-4 D100 ST: Representation, Rights, and Environmental Justice | Salimjan
GSWS 321-4 E100 ST: Gender and Reality TV | Patterson
GSWS 411-4 ST: The Everyday and Everywhere of Race and Sexuality | Farrales