Upcoming Courses

Summer 2023

Courses are subject to change.

GSWS 101-3 Gender Talk (B-Soc) | Fung
GSWS 205-3  Gender and Popular Culture | Faris
GSWS 318-4 ST-Gender & Sexuality in Indigenous Film and Literature | Scudeler
(***Students who have taken GSWS 211 STT:  Gender and Sexuality in Indigenous Film and Literature may not take this course for furhter credit.***)
GSWS 320-4 ST: Critical Studies of Marriage | Bullock
GSWS 331-4 Queer Genders | Fung
GSWS 333-4 ST:  The Sexual and Gendered Relations of Property | Withers
GSWS 398W-4 Feminist Currents | Patterson
GSWS 399-4 Gender, Sex and Numbers | Muller Myrdahl (Intersession)
GSWS 411-4 ST:  Feminist Media & Cultural Studies | Patterson

Fall 2023

Courses are subject to change.

GSWS 100-3 Sex Talk:  Introduction to Contemporary Issues in Sexuality Studies (B-Hum) OL01 | Leung
GSWS 101-3 Gender Talk (B-Soc) OL01| Fung
GSWS 102-3 Feminist Action (B-Hum) | Marchbank (FASS One Surrey)
GSWS 200-3 Feminism without Borders | Sessional
GSWS 210-3 Gender Today | Sessional
GSWS 305-4 Gendering Economy: Paid and Unpaid Labour | Morgan
GSWS 318-4 ST: Research and Resistance - Social Policy, Social Movements, and Social Justice | Withers
GSWS 319-4 D100 ST:  Queer Fandoms | Fung
GSWS 319-4 D200 ST:  TBA | TBA
GSWS 320-4 D100 ST:  TBA | Sessional
GSWS 320-4 ST:  Introduction to Porn Studies | Saria TBC
GSWS 321-4 D100 ST: Queer Relations:  Intimacy, Kinship, and Community Across Asian North America | Attewell
GSWS 321-4 E100 ST: Pandemics and Poverty | Saria TBC
GSWS 411-4 ST: The Everyday and Everywhere of Race and Sexuality | Farrales