Career Development

Co-operative Education Program

Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Students may participate in co-operative education through the Arts Co-op Education Program. This program is for qualified students who wish to acquire practical experience in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. For admission students must have completed 30 credit hours with a CGPA of 3.00 and have completed GSWS 101-3,, GSWS 102-3, and two 200-division Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies courses. Transfer students must completed at least 15 semester hours at SFU. Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Co-operative Education courses are:

GSWS 421 - Practicum I GSWS 422 - Practicum II GSWS 423 - Practicum III GSWS 424 – Practicum IV

For further details including co-op semester fees, please contact Arts and Social Science Co-op office at 778-782-5839 or

Arts Co-op Education 

Action Research eXchange (ARX)

ARX is a network where students doing research in classes or directed studies can connect with non-profit community organizations that need research but have limited resources.

Community groups submit project proposals to SF PIRG. If the project matches the guidelines of the program and is suitable for academic requirements at SFU, the project is posted online and publicized to the campus community. Motivated students choose a project that matches their interests, areas of study, and class requirements, and SF PIRG facilitates matching students with groups.

A faculty member approves the project so that it can be counted toward the student's course credit, and the student works under the guidance of the community group and the faculty member. The finished project is credited to the student but remains under the ownership and control of the community organization.

At the same time students benefit from research experience that is community-based, practical, and progressive, community organizations gain accessible and responsible research that can be used in the way they decide.