Vaibhav Saria (they/them)

Assistant Professor
AQ 5099


  • 2014, Ph.D., Anthropology- Department of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  • 2011, M.A., Anthropology - Department of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  • 2007,  B.Sc., Psychology, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  • 2007, B.A., English Literature, The University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ


  • Intro to Porn Studies
  • Global Trans Health
  • Gender and Sexuality in South Asia
  • Global Health: Poverty, Panic, and Pandemics
  • Forty Years of AIDS: Fatigue, Failure, and Fantasies


2021, Hijras, Lovers, Brothers: Surviving Sex and Poverty in Rural India. New York: Fordham University Press.

2020, The Queer Narrator: Violence, Ethics, and Sexuality GLQ

2020, New Machine, Old Cough: Technology and Tuberculosis in Patna.  Frontiers in Sociology, (03 April 2020).

2019, Begging for Change: Hijras, Law and Nationalism. Contributions to Indian Sociology, (January 2019).

2018, Kwan, A., Daniels, B., Saria, V [et al]. Variations in the Quality of Tuberculosis Care in Urban India: A Standardized Patient Study in Two Cities. PLoS Med 15(9): e1002653.

2018, Pilgrim N, Jani N, Mathur S, Kahabuka C, Saria V, Makyao N, et al. Provider Perspectives on PrEP for Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Tanzania: The Role of Provider Biases and Quality of Care. PLoS ONE 13(4): e0196280.

2015, The Pregnant Hijra: Laughter, Dead Babies and Invaluable Love, in Living and Dying in the Contemporary World: A Compendium. Veena Das and Clara Han, eds. Berkeley: University of California Press. 83-99.

2015, To Be Some Other Name: The Naming Games that Hijras Play. South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal. Vol 12.

2017, The Ungovernable and Dangerous: Children, Sexuality, and Anthropology in The Way We Stretch Toward One Another: Thoughts on Anthropology through the Work of Pamela Reynolds, Todd Meyers, ed. African Books Collective. 71-93.


Medical Anthropology, Global Health, Kinship, Psychoanalysis, HIV/AIDS, South Asia, Children/ Childhood Studies


  • Honorable Mention, 2023 Anne Bolin & Gil Herdt Book Prize, Human Sexuality & Anthropology Interest Group
  • 2023 Bernard S. Cohn Prize, Association for Asian Studies
  • 2022 Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence
  • 2021 Ruth Benedict Book Prize for Outstanding Monograph, Association for Queer Anthropology
  • 2021 Joseph W. Elder Prize in Indian Social Sciences, American Institute of Indian Studies


Future courses may be subject to change.