Herstory Cafe Talks


October 8, 2015:   Dr. Sharon M. Fortney - "Collecting with Purpose: Maisie Hurley and the Convergence of Activism and Native Art Appreciation in Vancouver.", Herstory Cafe

October 8, 2015:   Dr. Sharon M. Fortney - "Collecting with Purpose: Maisie Hurley and the Convergence of Activism and Native Art Appreciation in Vancouver.", Herstory Cafe

February 10, 2015:  Feminist Anarchism in British Columbia: 1960s-1980s, An illustrated talk by Eryk Martin, Herstory Cafe


June 12, 2014:  The Woman Who Shot Bill Miner: Photographer Mary Spencer (1857 – 1938), An illustrated talk by Sherril Foster, author of “A Steady Lens: The True Story of Pioneer Photographer Mary Spencer.”, Herstory Café

April 16, 2014:  High Browns and “Granny Shoes”:  Footwear and the Reinforcement of Gendered Identities in the RCMP in 1974, , Guest Speaker: Bonnie Reilly Schmidt, Herstory Café

February 21, 2014:  Former Ruth Wynn Woodward Chair, Kate Braid will be one of the panelists at the next Herstory Cafe:  Rosie the Riveter Revisited, A Modern History of Women in the Trades


November 21, 2013:  Dr. Bidisha Ray - 'Stuck in the middle with you': The story of India's transgendered Hijra community, Herstory Cafe

September 12, 2013:  The Women of Opening Doors in Vancouver’s East End: Strathcona with Daphne Marlatt, Carole Itter and introduction by James Johnstone, Herstory Café

March 10, 2013:  Poetry in the Park for Pauline marking E. Pauline Johnson/Tekahionwake's 100th anniversary of her death in Vancouver in 1913, Pauline Johnson's birthday and International Women's Day/Week 2013, Herstory Cafe

March 9, 2013:  The Inspiration of Pauline Johnson, Herstory Cafe


October 11, 2012:  Councillor Andrea Reimer - “Women and Co-Operatives: A Vancouver Historical Perspective”, Herstory Café

September 20, 2012:  Bella Bell-Irving and Social Power in an Upper Class Vancouver Family, An illustrated talk by Robert A.J. McDonald, Department of History, UBC, Herstory Café


October 15, 2011:  Arts of Conscience: from Hiroshima to Vancouver, Featuring Dana Claxton, Former Ruth Wynn Woodward Chair, Herstory Café

May 12, 2011: "Women with Green Thumbs: Celebrating the Creative and Curious Gardeners of Vancouver" An illustrated talk by Catherine Shapiro. Hosted by Lori Weidenhammer at the Rhizome Cafe. , Herstory Café


December 7, 2010: Book Club: "Maria Mahoi of the Islands" by Jean Barman, Herstory Café

October 26, 2010: Women's History Month, "Women and Food: A Vancouver Historical Perspective", Herstory Café

October 12, 2010: Catherine Murray, "Understanding Creative Labour: Autonomy, Precarious Work, and the New Cultural Economy" at launch of Centre for Public Opinion and Political Representation, Segal Graduate Business School, Herstory Café

September 28, 2010: Talk by Anita Clair Fellman "The Impact of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House Books" Sylvia Hotel, Herstory Café

June 24, 2010: "IMAGES - Kootenay Women's Paper: A Primer on Feminism (1973-1991)" Dr. Marcia Braundy, Herstory Café

April 10, 2010: WOMEN'S HISTORY FAIR at the Vancouver Public Library, Herstory Café

March 6, 2010: "Freedom of Mobility: Women, Sports and Recreation in Stanley Park, 1880-1920 Historical Walking Tour" Stanley Park Ecology Society. , Herstory Café

February 3, 2010: "Herstory Cafe Exchange", Herstory Cafe


December 7, 2009: Sally Mennill, UBC-CWAGS , “Caesarean Sections in Canada 1945–1970”, Herstory Café

October 14 2009: Irene Howard, “Helena Gutteridge, Vancouver’s First ‘Alderman”, Herstory Café

September 10, 2009: Kathryn Bridge, “A Passion for the Mountains: the life story of Phyllis Munday”, Herstory Cafe

August 9, 2009: Lynda Maeve Orr, “Burnaby Village Museum Guided Tour and Carousel Rides” , Herstory Cafe

July 11, 2009: Herstory Cafe's 2nd Annual picnic, Lumberman's Arch, Stanley Park, "Women, History and Words at Camp Vivian", Herstory Cafe

June 27, 2009: Patricia Vertinsky, “Skeletons in the Closet” Page 1 and “Skeletons in the Closet” Page 2, Herstory Cafe

May 15, 2009: Dr. Michiko Midge Ayukawa, "Good Wives and Wise Mothers: Japanese Picture Brides in Early Twentieth-Century British Columbia," Herstory Cafe

April 22, 2009: Kendra Gill, “Representing a Culture of Violence: American Discourse of Violence Against Women in Northern Mexico, 1910-2007, ” Herstory Cafe

March 25, 2009: Veronica Strong-Boag, “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves, or Not: Aunts and Caregiving in Canada,” Herstory Café

February 25, 2009: Afua Cooper Photo Exhibit: “Black Communities in British Columbia 1858-2008,” Herstory Cafe

January 21, 2009: Henry Robideau, "Flapjacks and Photopgraphs: A History of Mattie Gunterman, Camp Cook and Photographer," Herstory Cafe