April 6, 2019: Canadian South Asian Youths Conference: Identity, Gender, Sexuality, Employment, and Activism, SFU Harbour Centre


January 23, 2018: Rhacel Salazar Parrenas - Labor Regimes of Indenture – A Global Overview of Migrant Domestic Work


October 22, 2015: Mike Ward - From Labouring to Learning: Working-Class Masculinities and De-Industrialization


October 23, 2014:  Rebecca Scott Yoshizawa - Reproductive Labour in/of Science and Medicine


February 20, 2012:  Dr. Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, - Work and Parenthood: Finding Balance? Policy Lessons from Quebec on Reconciling


November 25-27, 2011: Globalization and Migration Labour Conference, SFU Harbour Centre Campus, Vancouver

November 23, 2011: The F Word Meghan Murphy interviews Jackie Lynne, The Aboriginal Women's Action Network and Julie Bindel, journalist, "Sex as work: Will legalizing prostitution contribute to women's equality?"


October 12, 2010: Catherine Murray, "Understanding Creative Labour: Autonomy, Precarious Work, and the New Cultural Economy" at launch of Centre for Public Opinion and Political Representation, Segal Graduate Business School


1995: Ursula Franklin, “Real World of Technology, BC”

October 1996: "One-eyed Science: Occupational Health Scientists and Women Workers" (Bby Mtn) Public lecture by Karen Messing, Centre for the Study of Biological Interaction Between Health and the Environment, University de Quebec a Montreal

October 1996: "Light Work: A Heavy Burden for Women" Karen Messing (Harbour Centre Campus) roundtable discussion on the invisible risks of work traditional done by women

September 2000: Heidi Hartmann, “Women and the Workforce: Pay Equity or Family Equity?” Halpern Centre, Burnaby

September 2000: Heidi Hartmann, “Women and Poverty: From the Welfare Poor to the Working Poor” SFU Harbour Centre Campus, Vancouver

April 2001: Marjorie Griffin Cohen, “Training Women and First Nations for Highway Construction Work,” Muskoti Learning Centre, Chetwynd, BC

April 2001: Habiba Zaman, “Feminization and Migration and the De-Skilling of Women Workers in Canada,” Okanagan University College, Kelowna.