Ruth Wynn Woodward Chairs


March 14, 2024: Fighting the Criminalization of Communities, (Ruth Wynn Woodward Jr. Chair), SFU Goldcorp Centre


April 6, 2020: Public launch of Xinjiang Documentation Web Archive Project and Keynote talk by Timothy Grose


November 25, 2019: Darren Byler, "Terror Capitalism & State Directed Gender Violence: Toward Turkic Muslims in Northwest China," SFU Harbour Centre, Ruth Wynn Woodward Lecture Series


March 28, 2018: Should I go to Grad School? Feminist and Critical Perspectives, Organized by Ruth Wynn Woodward Fellow Ela Przybylo


April 2, 2014:  Screening of Fat, Bald, Short Man, Commentary by Sarah Sparks, PhD Candidate, SFU and Dr. Lucas Crawford, Ruth Wynn Woodward Lecturer, SFU


May 30, 2013:  Ruth Wynn Woodward Chair Conference:  Get Involved: Engaging Women, Transforming Cities


March 13, 2012:  RWW Spring Lecture Series on Gender and the City, Dr. Benita Bunjun - Un/Mapping Cities as Sites of Political Organizing: An Intersectional Feminist Analysis

March 8, 2012:  “‘They Just Wanted to be Normal’: Locating the Strange and the Familiar in the Shafia Honor Killing Trial”, A Public Talk by Dr. Dana Mohammed Olwan

February 3, 2012:  “Gendered Colonialisms: Religion, Violence, and the Canadian State”. A Roundtable and Discussion with Dr. Jasmin Zine, Dr. Denise Nadeau, Dr. Nadia Fadil and Dr. Dana Mohammed Olwan

February 20, 2012:  Professor Chandra Talpade Mohanty - "On Walls, Borders, and Occupations: Securitized Regimes, Anatomies of Violence, and Feminist Critique"

January 27, 2012: Jessica Yee, "Marginalization Doesn't Happen by Accident: Colonialism and Violence from the State" Lecture/Book Signing

January 20, 2012: Dana Mohammed Olwan, "Muslim Feminisms: Reflections on Muslim Feminist Theory and the State of Women's Rights" Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway, Vancouver


February 24, 2011: RWW Lecture Series: Cindy Holmes. “Violence denied, bodies erased? An anti-colonial queer framework for anti-violence organizing” 

March 2, 2011: RWW Lecture Series: Aren Aizura.  "The geographic imaginary of gender reassignment surgery."

March 17, 2011: RWW Lecture Series: Dana Mohammed Olwan.  “Bodies that Matter in Death: Honour Killings and Canadian Racial Logics” 

September 22, 2011: Dana Mohammed Olwan. "New Tricks, Old Hat: ‘Pinkwashing’ Israel, Islamophobia, and the Honour Crime Industry" at Thinking about 9/11 Ten Years After: First Annual Middle East and Beyond Symposium. Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY.

November 1, 2011: Dana Mohammed Olwan. "Killed in Canada and Remembered in Israel: Mapping the Geopolitics of the 'Aqsa Parvez Memorial Grove'" Talk at the Liu Institute for Global Issues & RAGA, Vancouver.

November 11, 2011: Dana Mohammed Olwan. "In the House of Silence: Feminist Studies and the Question of Palestine" as part of "A Breach in the Wall? Teaching Women’s and Gender Studies through a Transnational Lens" panel discussion. National Women Studies Association Conference, Atlanta, GA.

December 8, 2011: Dana Mohammed Olwan. "Demystifying Gender Violence in Muslim Communities" at A Breakfast to Celebrate Activism Against Gender Violence in Vancouver: Red Shoes Green Belts White Ribbons, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC.


January 23 - September 12, 2010: Dana Claxton Exhibit, "Border Zones: Attempting to Reshape the Museum," UBC Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver

January 28 - March 27, 2010: Dana Claxton, Allyson Mitchell, B.H. Yael, "FIERCE: Women's Hot-Blooded Film/Video," McMaster Museum of Art, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

February 10-13, 2010: Dana Claxton talk, "The Age of Enlargement:The Politics of Hope: Contemporary American Indian Art," CAA2010 98th Annual Conference, Chicago, IL

February 12-28, 2010: Dana Claxton Exhibit, "Cultural Olympiad 2010 and Saskatchewan Pavilion Artists: Saskatchewan's Culture," Windsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC

March 13, 2010: Dana Claxton, "WACKO: A Disco Ceremony for Michael Jackson," Victoria, BC

March 25, 2010: Dana Claxton, "Beautiful Dreamers: New Avant-Garde Feminist Art Cabaret," Vancity Theatre, Vancouver, BC

April 20, 2010: Alessandra Capperdoni, "Rethinking Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies: Cells and Citizens: Feminist Desires and Bios at the Turn of the Century" SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre Campus, HC 1425 

April 21, 2010: Thea Cacchioni, “Rethinking Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies: Sex, Gender, & Pharmaceuticals: The Search for the 'Pink' Viagra” SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre Campus, HC 1415 

April 26, 2010: Joseph Clark, “Rethinking Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies: Kung Fu Invaders or Heroes Two: Masculinity, Race and Cross-Cultural Film Reception in Vancouver’s Chinatown” SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre Campus, HC 1415 

April 27, 2010: Mandy Koolen, “Rethinking Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies: Empathetic Identification and the Politics of Nostalgia” SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre Campus, HC 2270 

April 29, 2010: Trish Salah, “Rethinking Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies: Writing Trans Genre: Preliminary Sketch of a Minor Literature that Isn't” SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre Campus, HC 1425C

May 1–June 6, 2010: Dana Claxton Primary Exhibition, "Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival Pervasive Influence: The Mechanical Bride," Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto

May 12-August 1, 2010: Dana Claxton Exhibit, "Artist Talk," 17th Biennale of Sydney, College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Sydney, NSW


September 26, 2009: Dana Claxton artist talk, “Barbarian”

October 15, 2009: Dana Claxton curator and narrator, "Her Sugar is?" imagineNATIVE FILM + MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL, Al Green Theatre, Toronto

October 16, 2009: Dana Claxton curated, "A Decade in Retrospect," imagineNATIVE FILM + MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL, Al Green Theatre, Toronto

October 17, 2009: Dana Claxton, Moderated, "In Conversation: The Evolution of Indigenous Filmmaking," imagineNATIVE FILM + MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL, Miles Nadal JCC, Toronto

November 6, 2009: Dana Claxton 3 Channel Video Installation, "To Mark on Surface," University of Lethbridge Art Gallery


February 24, 2000: Dionne Brand public forum, "Biocolonialism: The Theft of Indigenous Peoples' DNA and the Destruction of the Biodiversity," SFU, Harbour Centre Campus, Vancouver

June 22-24, 2000: Dorothy Smith lecture and workshops, "Feminism & the University: Where do Women Stand? An Exploration of Standpoint Theory," SFU, Harbour Centre Campus, Vancouver

October 29, 2000: Barbara meadowcroft lecture and discussion, " The United Nations World Conference on Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Other Intolerance," Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre, Vancouver

January 31, 2001: Dionne Brand reading, "Another Place Not Here, "Sans Souci and Other Stories," and "At the Full and Change of the Moon," Langara College

November 2002: Sue Wilkinson talk, "Categories as Action: A New Approach to Categorisation and Stereotyping," SFU Harbour Centre Campus, Vancouver

November 20, 2002: Sue Wilkinson talk, "The Breast: Representations in Sickness and Health," SFU Harbour Centre Campus, Vancouver

February 10, 2005: Louise Chappel talk, "Expanding Women's Rights under International Law: Developments at the International Criminal Court," SFU Burnaby

May 20, 2004: Sue Wilkinson talk, "Women's Experience of Breast Cancer,) Women's Health Centre of BC, Vancouver