Women's Studies & Feminism


May 17, 2022: "Female Bodies in China: Literati Fantasies, Iron Girls & Olympics Hoopla, A Talk by Professor Eva Man." SFU Harbour Centre. Co-sponsored by the Institute for Transpacific Cultural Research.

May 5, 2022: "An Unfinished Revolution: Reflections on a Century of Canadian Feminism:, A public talk by Dr. Joan Sangster, SFU Harbour Centre; Sponsored by the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies (SFU), the Department of History (SFU), and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (SFU), in partnership with UBC Press.

April 30, 2022: "One Tree Three Lives." Film Screening & Conversation with Filmmaker Angie Chen, Terasen Cinema, SFU Harbour Centre, hosted by Institute for Transpacific Cultural Research, SFU; Co-sponsored by: Department of World Languages and Literature, SFU, Department of Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies, SFU, Hong Kong Studies Initiative, UBC.


May 6, 2021: Seventh Annual Rosemary Brown Memorial Conference – Women & Social Justice

March 26, 2021: GSWS Acts - Cyndia Cole

January 29, 2021: GSWS Reads - Sonja Boon, What the Oceans Remember: Searching For Belonging and Home

January 15, 2021: Debriefing session on the film Promising Young Woman with Dr. Natasha Patterson


November 25, 2019: Darren Byler, "Terror Capitalism & State Directed Gender Violence: Toward Turkic Muslims in Northwest China," SFU Harbour Centre, Ruth Wynn Woodward Lecture Series

April 30, 2019: History of Women’s Writing and Publishing in Canada and Britain, Café Minerva, Harbour Centre Campus

April 28, 2019: Pathways to a Women-friendly Surrey, SFU Surrey


March 28, 2018: Should I go to Grad School? Feminist and Critical Perspectives, Organized by Ruth Wynn Woodward Fellow Ela Przybylo


October 12, 2017: The Struggle for Women’s Suffrage in British Columbia

April 26, 2017: Dr. Tiffany Muller Myrdahl, “Cities Women Need”, Traveling Speakers Series


September 28, 2016:  Dr. Tiffany Muller Myrdahl, "The ONgoing Relevance and Resilience of Women's NG0s". Traveling Speakers Series


October 1, 2015:  Dr. Gerassimos Karabelias - Women and Extreme Political Parties and Movements in Postwar Greece

September 19, 2015:  Second Annual Rosemary Brown Memorial Conference - Confronting Gender Violence

June 18, 2015:  Charles Hou, with Cynthia Hou: “Canadian Political Cartoonists View the Struggle for Women’s Rights”, An illustrated talk on the history of women’s issues ca. 1880 to 2015", Herstory Cafe


September 13, 2014:  Inaugural Annual Rosemary Brown Memorial Conference - Inequality and Rights:  A Feminist Perspective

January 15, 2016:  Dr. Joan Sangster  -  "Rediscovering Radical Histories: 'Second Wave' Feminists and the Popularization of Canadian History"

February 21, 2014:  Former Ruth Wynn Woodward Chair, Kate Braid will be one of the panelists at the next Herstory Cafe:  Rosie the Riveter Revisited, A Modern History of Women in the Trades

January 21, 2014:  Professor Shirley Kaye Randell - Rwanda after Genocide: Gender in Politics, Education and Leadership


September 12, 2013:  The Women of Opening Doors in Vancouver’s East End: Strathcona with Daphne Marlatt, Carole Itter and introduction by James Johnstone, Herstory Café

May 30, 2013:  Ruth Wynn Woodward Chair Conference:  Get Involved: Engaging Women, Transforming Cities

March 10, 2013:  Poetry in the Park for Pauline marking E. Pauline Johnson/Tekahionwake's 100th anniversary of her death in Vancouver in 1913, Pauline Johnson's birthday and International Women's Day/Week 2013, Herstory Cafe

March 9, 2013:  The Inspiration of Pauline Johnson, Herstory Cafe


December 7, 2012: Kathleen Monk, "Women Winning: Strategies from an Insider," Margaret Lowe Benston Series

October 11, 2012:  Councillor Andrea Reimer - “Women and Co-Operatives: A Vancouver Historical Perspective”, Herstory Café

September 20, 2012:  Bella Bell-Irving and Social Power in an Upper Class Vancouver Family, An illustrated talk by Robert A.J. McDonald, Department of History, UBC, Herstory Café

March 13, 2012:  RWW Spring Lecture Series on Gender and the City, Dr. Benita Bunjun - Un/Mapping Cities as Sites of Political Organizing: An Intersectional Feminist Analysis

February 20, 2012:  Professor Chandra Talpade Mohanty - "On Walls, Borders, and Occupations: Securitized Regimes, Anatomies of Violence, and Feminist Critique"

February 7, 2012: Art, Activism and the Murdered and Missing Women

January 27, 2012: Jessica Yee, "Feminism for Real in the Academic Feminist Classroom" Workshop

January 20, 2012: Dana Mohammed Olwan, "Muslim Feminisms: Reflections on Muslim Feminist Theory and the State of Women's Rights" Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway, Vancouver


November 11, 2011: Dana Mohammed Olwan. "In the House of Silence: Feminist Studies and the Question of Palestine" as part of "A Breach in the Wall? Teaching Women’s and Gender Studies through a Transnational Lens" panel discussion. National Women Studies Association Conference, Atlanta, GA.

July 3-7, 2011:  co-sponsor Women's Worlds 2011 conference, July 3-7, 2011 in Ottawa-Gatineau. The main theme of Women's Worlds 2011 is "Inclusions, exclusions, and seclusions: Living in a globalized world”

May 12, 2011: "Women with Green Thumbs: Celebrating the Creative and Curious Gardeners of Vancouver" An illustrated talk by Catherine Shapiro. Hosted by Lori Weidenhammer at the Rhizome Cafe. , Herstory Café

March 13, 2011: "History, Gender and Landscape, a Stanley Park Historical Walking Tour" International Women's Day/Week, Jolene Cumming and Mahtab Eskandari, Herstory Café

March 8, 2011: "International Women's Day Workshop Supports Scholars in Broadening Impact of Workshop

March 7, 2011: "Informed Opinions Workshop" International Women's Day Event

January 20, 2011: "Awfully Devoted Women, Lesbian Lives in Canada 1900-65" Book Launch by Cameron Duder. Vancouver Public Library, Herstory Cafe


November 4, 2010: Equal Voice's Experiences Program Presents:  Young Women in Politics: Speakers Panel and Round Robin

October 26, 2010: Women's History Month, "Women and Food: A Vancouver Historical Perspective", Herstory Café

October 22, 2010: Launch website Women in a changing Downtown East Side, The Interurban Gallery and Community Art Space, Vancouver.

October 21, 2010: Dr. Malinda Smith: "The Status of Women: Interrogating the 'Post' in Post-Equality Talk"

October 14-16, 2010: Women in View: Sex Money Media Symposium

April 20, 2010: Alessandra Capperdoni, "Rethinking Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies: Cells and Citizens: Feminist Desires and Bios at the Turn of the Century", Ruth Wynn Woodward Series

March 25, 2010: Dana Claxton, "Beautiful Dreamers: New Avant-Garde Feminist Art Cabaret," Vancity Theatre, Vancouver, BC

August 12-15, 2010: Lisa Chilton-Anne Chilton, Willeen Keough, Lara Campbell: Edging Forward, Acting Up: Gender and Women's History at the Cutting Edge of Scholarship and Social Action, Conference at Centre for Dialogue, Vancouver

August 12, 2010: Patricia Darbasie, "Ribbon" Canadian Committee on Women's History Conference, Harbour Centre.

June 24, 2010: "IMAGES - Kootenay Women's Paper: A Primer on Feminism (1973-1991)" Dr. Marcia Braundy, Herstory Café

April 10, 2010: WOMEN'S HISTORY FAIR at the Vancouver Public Library, Herstory Café

March 30 & April 7, 2010: " Handwoven Resistance: Indigenous Women's Fair Trade Weaving Cooperative Jolom Maya’etik & Women’s Organization K’inal Antzetik"


September 24, 2009: Women Elders in Action book launch, “Mythogyny: the lives and times of women elders in BC” Teck Gallery, SFU, Harbour Centre

July 11, 2009: Herstory Cafe's 2nd Annual picnic, Lumberman's Arch, Stanley Park, "Women, History and Words at Camp Vivian", Herstory Cafe

April 22, 2009: Kendra Gill, “Representing a Culture of Violence: American Discourse of Violence Against Women in Northern Mexico, 1910-2007,” Herstory Cafe

March 25, 2009: Veronica Strong-Boag, “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves, or Not: Aunts and Caregiving in Canada” , Herstory Café

February 26, 2009: Afua Cooper at Centre for Women and Gender Studies, UBC Lecture, “Women and Slavery in Canada”