Women's History Month Talks


October 21, 2010: Dr. Malinda Smith: "The Status of Women: Interrogating the 'Post' in Post-Equality Talk"


October 7, 2009: Sunera Thobani film showing, “Continuous Journey”

October 14, 2009: Irene Howard “Helena Gutteridge, Vancouver's first "Alderman"


October 15, 2008: Afua Cooper, “The Slave in Court: Black Women and History in Canada”

October 28, 2008: Afua Cooper at North Shore Women’s Centre, “Black Women’s History in Canada: Opportunity or Dead End?”


October 1999: Regina Morantz-Sanchez, “Historical Reflections on the Figure of the Difficult Woman: Mary Dixon Jones on Trial”

October 1999: Makeda Silvera “Writing and Editing Literature of Lesbians of Colour.”

October 28 1999: Dr. Mary Lynn Stewart, “Corsets or Gymnastics? Slimming the Female Body in 20th Century France”

Ruth Wynn Woodward Writers’ Series
October 19-23, 2000

October 10-21, 2000: Barbara Meadowcroft exhibition, “Honour the Women” - Manon Elder

October 19, 2000: Barbara Meadowcroft lecture, “Painting Friends: The Beaver Hall Women Painters”

October 23, 2000: Barbara Meadowcroft invites Dionne Brand to read, “In the Window: At the Full and Change of the Moon”

October 29, 2000: Barbara Meadowcroft, “The United Nations World Conference on Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and other Intolerance”

October 2002: Veronica Strong-Boag (UBC) and Carole Gerson (SFU) lecture, “Recovering Pauline Johnson Tekahiowake,” UBC, Vancouver

October 2002: “Sisters on the Bench, a Women’s History Month event”

October 30, 2003: “Sister in the Struggle:  A Celebration of the Life of Rosemary Brown”

October 6, 2005: Molly Raher Newman, “Emily Carr: The Women & the Artist A Performance”

October 18, 2006: An Afternoon with Afua Cooper, “Black Women and Resistance in Early Canada: The Case of Angelique”

October 4, 2007: RWWP Film Screenign, Susan Stryker, “Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria”